April 21 1954 Part 2

In dressing gowns with our Easter eggs and the kitten!

Continued. Wed. 21st.

Well, hello again! Now to tell you of our weekend – up till Friday, we really did nothing much except “settle in”– we haven’t a phone yet, which I miss a lot for my chats with Lu & Margie etc. & Cec has been going back to work a lot, as his machine is running now & he is trying to get results for the big meeting down in Ohio in June. However, Lindy has been learning amongst her nursery rhymes “One a penny, two a penny, hot cross buns”, so I told her I would make some, then I said to Cec that if I was going to the trouble we might as well have people to tea! We debated between the Garrets & our nearest neighbours, the Dan Boyds!! & thinking how tickled Margie would be to see the bride, we asked both! I made the H.C. buns & a chocolate Swiss roll with icing filling & as the Garrets came in full force & the Boyds brought a girlfriend of Lyn’s who was staying with them, we had 7 adults & 5 children!! I giggled to myself- Lyn is the type of female who takes a cup of tea with no milk or sugar & one bit of something & then grabs a cigarette as if dying & ignores the rest of the food. Well, Dan it has always been very school-boyish over his food – in fact childishly & greedily so at times – but now! He is so socially insecure that he copies anyone or anything, & there he sat, sipping his milk-less, sugar-less tea, & refusing buns & cake because Lyn did, but with such longing in his eyes! They are just as nauseating as ever, & Margie was highly entertained, but the girlfriend was quite nice – we thought she must have had a loathsome weekend!!
On Sat. we shopped for groceries & I did the ironing & Cec went back to the Lab in the afternoon. When he came home for dinner, he just opened the door & popped in a little brand new Costain!! A teeny – weenie black & white pussy, no bigger than my hand! You can imagine the excitement! Charlie just squealed & Linda was thrilled & of course Cec & I were quite tickled too!! He was our Easter present so he is to be called Bunny! He is so tiny, but right from the beginning he used his little sandbox & has been so good. The first evening he cried a little & wanted petting, but he slept all night & hasn’t been the slightest trouble – Linda calls him “My pussy” & Charlie says “Cat – cat”! He loves him (Lindy is inclined to be timid) & is very gentle, but lies down on the floor to watch him & pats him & tries to stroke his whiskers! On Sunday I went to Saint Margaret’s at 9:30 & they had a very nice service with choir & absolutely packed. We gave Charlie a tiny pail with a little eggs in & a wee chocolate hen on top & before we turned around he was 1/2 way through it! Linda got a wee baby pram with eggs in & she was sampling them all! I tried to write change-of-address letters & got most of them done. Feel we have been here a year already!

On Monday we invited the Ganders over for the day. They came at 2 o’clock & at 3:30 we had tea & date loaf & at 6 we had our Easter dinner- ham, peas & corn- cranberry sauce – m. potatoes & then apple pie & coffee. The children had a good time playing together & it was so nice seeing Jim & Lee again – only the second time since New Year! Both they & Margie & Cy thought we’d got a lovely house & of course Barry was thrilled with Bunny! Barry lay down & slept after dinner & we had a short game of bridge, then Cec ran them into town (they came out on the bus). Yesterday Lindy was a little bit runny nosed, but seemed O.K. then suddenly at dinner time she began to fret & cry & all evening she woke about every hour & had to be petted & settled. She seem to have a little temp. but not much, but the crying was so unlike her. Today she was listless & a bit miserable, but again suddenly at dinner time she brightened up – ate her dinner & went to bed laughing!! So all seems well!
I am going to write again soon as I have lots of letters to answer, so I will say bye-bye.
Love from us all. Cyn xx Linda xx Charlie

[Squashed in on the top:] Horrified about Ruby’s [?] smallpox. How awful. Was she vaccinated? Will answer letter in my next! So glad Pussy is better.

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