March 30 1954

This note was sent with newspaper clippings etc. by sea and mailed at the same time as the Air Mail March 26th letter.

Tues. 30th Mar.

Dearest Mummy,
This was the house in the country we thought we had! It was nice & now I am mad that we ever saw ir as nothing else looks so good! We have put an advertisement in the paper tonight so wonder whether we will get any answers! Washed this morning & have just given the children their lunch & put them to bed – both runny nosed today – darn it! Which reminds me – Linda has begun to say “Oh Dan!” when anything annoys her!! Can’t think who she ever heard swearing! She makes me laugh – whenever I correct her over anything she will say “Don’t talk to me, Mummy!” & the other evenings Cec said something to her about the way she was eating a cookie & she didn’t say anything for a minute then announced “It’s better in the kitchen!” & marched off there to finish in peace!

“Do you remember Mary Moore who wrote the cooking column in the paper? I was interested in this article about her & thought you might be too.”

This isn’t a letter really – just a bunch of junk!! Must stop now & have my lunch – still on my diet, but I called Dr. K. yesterday & he said that if I felt fine & was eating well I needn’t come to see him. I am to diet till end of April & can then eat anything – but not drink! Charlie’s abscess is much smaller & Dr. W. says he needn’t have any more penicillin, so that is a relief. Just realized I’ve sealed up your A.M. letter without my measurements, so must squiggle them up & stuff them in!

“This is Mary M.’s column this week! I was so amused particularly about the 3-handed bridge!”

Lots & lots of love from

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