April 11 1953, Part 2

2nd airform!

Sat. 11th April.

Here we go again!

but if we they do, I would love one of those big shallow salad bowls – kind of awkward to pack I know!!

On Easter Sunday I planned to get up early & go to church at St. Margaret’s. I fed Charlie at 6 & it was still too early so I went back to bed & then of course had to fly. It was a horrid wet morning & when I went out to start McTavish he just wouldn’t budge. The battery was dead as anything & by then it was too late for me to begin to walk. I had planned an Easter breakfast for 10, & told Dan & by the time we had that I couldn’t get at 11 either, particularly as I had formula to make & so on, so my good intentions came to nothing, but I plan to go tomorrow & try to make up. The Easter breakfast was a lot of fun – Dan gave the children chocolate eggs with their names on and we gave Charlie a bunny & Linda a little white handbag with a wee purse inside that I made & some marbles and a hankie! She was much more taken with the marbles than the bag!! I gave Cec a tie & made Don a lovely hard boiled egg with brown wool hair & a flowered Easter bonnet & a coy face! In the afternoon we packed up the whole family & went over to Jim & Lee’s. We took a little Easter basket for Barry & one for Linda & we had a lovely time. I took Charlie’s bottle & Lee gave us a very nice early supper (chicken pie etc. & chocolate cake). We were thinking of going & regretting it, when Lee suggested we bed the children down & stay a bit longer & Cec was all for it, so we did! Charlie had been so enthralled with the company & so excited that he took a while to settle in the little car bed, then we put Lindy in a pair of Barry’s pyjamas & washed her etc. but she wouldn’t go in the same bed with Barry! She finally lay on Lee’s bed & after a bit of coaxing settled down, but talked & chatted to herself for ages- waking Charlie a few times in the process! However, finally they both went off, & we felt so pleased & had a nice little game of bridge! At about midnight we just took Charlie in his little bed and popped him in the car & put Linda’s snowsuit over her pyjamas & bundled her in a blanket & off we sailed home- all in very high spirits- Lindy & Charlie particularly! It’s not a thing we do often, but it’s nice to know we can do it if we want. On the Mon. evening Dan baby-sat for us & we went to town & had dinner & to see the film “The Importance of Being Earnest” & last night Margie & I were sent by our husbands to the “local” to see Walt Disney’s “Robin Hood” &  Bing Crosby in “Just for You” – both in colour and we loved them & had the best time! Tonight Cec & Jim have gone to see Sedgeman & Kramer etc. play tennis, so I am babysitting! Tomorrow Dr & Mrs. Herzberg are coming to tea! Such gaiety, isn’t it all?!! 

I am beginning another gossip letter for your birthday, but this one brings all our love & kisses too, & many many happy returns from us all; if the other is late. XXXX from Lindy & Charlie & lots of love from us all- Cyn.

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