March 13 1953

Friday 13th March 1953

Dearest Mummy,

The days seem to fly past each week & I get nothing done – each week I think I will write you a nice long letter & each week I find I am so late that I had better just send off one of these. I got your Air Letter mailed on the 2nd yesterday- thank you so much for it. The only B.P. in it was a query as to whether Cec ever reads your letters now! Sometimes yes & sometimes no! When there is a bit about people you meet & go & see etc. he gets very fogged as he can never remember who is who, & then he gives up, but mainly he reads them & enjoys hearing your comments! Talking of people you meet & relatives etc. you were asking in one of your last letters about whether to give Yvonne my address & tell her to come & see me or not. Well, I feel that maybe it is mean & inhospitable of me, but I think better not, Mummy. I am sorry for her & think she has had a miserable time & will find it very difficult to settle down over here, & if she were on her own I wouldn’t mind, but the sister with the rotten husband living here is too much! I think really we have plenty to cope with at the moment, & I’d hate to get involved in a family with a husband like that- poor girls- they certainly had poor luck, didn’t they?

I was very sorry to hear that Marga hasn’t been well & has gone into hospital for a check up. I do hope it is nothing serious & that she will soon be well again. She seems to run a lot on a sort of nervous energy which must take it out of her, so I do hope it is only a good rest that she needs. I think I must have got a baby congratulation card from A. Ettie, as I have her down on my writing list, but can’t find a letter from her at the moment! I got Christmas cards from Monie & Mill, but not Margs.

We have been doing a little entertaining recently, as I felt as if I’d never see anyone unless I did, so a week ago tonight we had Ruth & Keith to dinner. They are the couple in Cec’s Lab. who got married last summer – we had them to bridge in Eastview once. Then on Wed. we had Joan to dinner – she is Dr. Herzberg’s pretty secretary – I have met her at a lot of the Lab. “do’s” & like her – a lot of her slightly “sarky” remarks remind me of Dottie! Tomorrow Jim & Lee & Barry are coming over at tea time & staying overnight with us. Their old car isn’t running now & so it is very difficult for us to arrange just an evening & anyway, Lindy & Barry have such a good time together that we wanted them to have a little time to play. Lindy is always talking of “Dim, Lee & Barry” & Lee says Barry talks of Linda every day.

Barry is the one looking at the camera not the cake!

Lindy is beginning to get to the stage when she really will play with other children now I think (not Darryl!). But she likes to run & “catch-oo” & play trains etc. She isn’t very tall, but very sweet & cute looking & when we go out everyone on the street & in the shops still smiles at her & says “Isn’t she sweet”! She is very independent & likes to walk by herself when we are out. She will walk behind the pram & in front of me “helping Mummy push Charlie”! Then she will leave that & go trotting along & say “Dindy running – Dindy walk”! We went to Joanisse this morning in the rain! Such a business getting all 3 of us ready – a good 1/2 hour! Don’t you remember Mr. Dube? The little P.O.- drug store- toy shop past Joanisse on the other side? He was the man in the cutting I sent you, who was robbed. Lindy says “Mr. Dube” very nicely!

I was very disheartened on Tuesday. Charlie’s surgeon, Dr. Wilson, says that he will need another operation and suggested April or May so that he will be a little bit older. He says this one won’t be nearly so serious but I feel so upset for the little poor little fellow. He is so good & full of chuckles & little squeals & doing so well but I know it has to be done. Must stop- Lindy sends a “kisse” & “cuddle” and xxx from Charlie. Lots of love from us all- Cyn.

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