February 22 1953

Sunday 22nd (?) Feb.

Dearest Mummy,

I find that it is 2 weeks since I last wrote & I hope that you haven’t been worried about us, because we are all fine and well now. I have been meaning & meaning to write of course, but last weekend Cec & I made a concerted huge effort & got our sitting room curtains finished & up & then the previous week Lindy was just recuperating & very fretty, poor little honey, & last week we took both children to Dr. W. for check ups on Wed. (Lindy 18 mths. Charlie 2 mths.) & I went for my check up to Dr. S. on Friday, & what with one thing & another I seemed to be making formula & finishing off chores just about every evening.

Thank you so much for both your letters- written after you heard about Charlie. Also for your parcel of the sheets & little jacket & the book & baby dolly for Linda- the sheets will certainly be a great blessing as Lindy’s flannelette ones are very thin but I am going on using them until they pass out & then will have the linen ones for the summer. I can see her being most intrigued with the stitching pattern etc. as any little hole or mark is always very interesting to her! Charlie looks sweet in his little green coats. He is really a dear little fellow now – as soon as his cough & cold got better & he stopped sicking up much, he gained weight (is 10 lbs. 4 oz. now) & his little face filled out & he looks very like those first pictures of Linda we took in Eastview, except that he is very boyish looking, but his tuft of hair on top & big blue eyes etc. are just the same & there is an obvious likeness. While he was sicking I didn’t put him in any of his new little jackets, but now I am & he looks very cute & sturdy! Dr. W. said both he & Linda are fine now – he thinks Lindy speaks very well for her age- she is stringing 2 & 3 words together now & chattering away. She says “Charlie m’ baby brudder” & “Wha’s matter Charlie?” when he cries! Also if she does anything funny she grins wickedly & and says “ ‘M a monkey!” Her biggest joy is “Helping Mummy”! She puts away the spoons etc. when I wash & dry them, & tries to pull the sheets straight when we make beds & is so sweet. She is eating pretty much what we do now- she doesn’t like veg but loves potato! She is the tidiest, neatest little eater – never drops anything hardly & if she does says “Oh dear” & picks it up!

From the Baby Book- probably the last entry!

Our sitting room curtains look beautiful! I am so pleased with them & they look really very nice I think- I like the pattern of the material much more now that it is up & the colours match nearly perfectly. Cec put up the railway affair & a pull, so that we just swish them together in a most elegant way & they really look professional & such an improvement in the room, after the great blank window for so long. It was quite a business as they are so big & heavy, but they look well worth our trouble we think. About the picture for my birthday, Mummy – Cec & I both think it would be very nice as we have so little in that way, & you know my taste well enough to choose something I know I would like, so we would love to have it – thank you very much.

I will try & write a long letter this week – this seems awfully scrappy & I feel I have so many of your ? to answer! Have you heard about Ruth having a baby?! Sooner than expected, I suppose, which is a pity, but still, I don’t expect they mind too much. She has been v. sick, poor girl. Must stop- Hugs from Lindy & Charlie & Lots of love from us all – Cyn.

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