February 6 1953

6th Feb.  1953

Dearest Mummy,

I know you will be wondering how we are getting on, so here I am to prove that we are all still surviving – but what a week! Claire (the woman who comes to clean) was here today, & I had a sleep this afternoon, so I’m feeling quite chipper again – more like Cyn & not just “any mother”! Claire was in the hospital too, when Charlie was, so this is only the 2nd time she has been here, but she is a nice person & a good worker. She did out the sitting room thoroughly & did the floor & it looks lovely – did I tell you the curtains still aren’t up? I got everything done except the rufflette tape & ironing with Cec’s help & then going into hospital soon upset my schedule! Of course, we had to return the machine to Lee, so haven’t done anything more, but I promise myself that when things get organized again I shall hire a machine for a week & really do things! Claire also scrubbed the basement steps- of her own accord! – & did the passage & the kitchen, so we look very spic & span.

Thank you so much for your letter of 26th Jan.- and what do you think? On Tues. I got another A.M. from you & on reading it found you were thanking me for my letter telling about the plans for the Hallowe’en party! It was written on Nov. 8th & was the missing one I told you about- arrived Feb. 3! Before I forget again, thank you so much for the package with the darling little jacket for Charlie & the diary – both so welcome & useful. Charlie is doing pretty well in jackets after all- Nan sent him a sweet little Clydella coat (& Maud sent little blue bootees) & the other day Cec brought me a parcel home from Boris- the nice fellow we’ve had to dinner you know. Inside was a white knitted jacket & bootees & a note saying he whipped them up in his spare time! Actually he got his sister to make them, but wasn’t it sweet of him? 

Your little jacket is the one I really like the best though – it looks so cute & sturdy & masculine!! Please thank Jeanie for me – I’ll try & write to her but goodness knows when. I’m getting quite a few letters with tender inquiries as to whether I got their parcels- A. Trixie for one! She sent a little white jacket for the baby- and- sssh!– it is sweet but so big Lindy has been wearing it!

Now for our hectic week! Well I told you what a bad cold & cough Charlie had when we brought him home. On Sat. he began sicking up his bottle- sometimes whoopsed the whole thing up- sometimes just a bit- sometimes he’d be sick just after I fed him – sometimes an hour or so afterwards. This went on all Sat. & Sun. so Mon. I called Dr. W. & he said it was just the coughing & cold & mucus on his tummy. Then on Mon. night Lindy cried out & here she had been sick all over. Poor little darling, when we put on the light & she saw it, she just said “Oh dear!” in such a pathetic little voice! She was sick 2 or 3 more times before she fell asleep again & again on Tues. morning after she had some milk so I called Dr. W. and he said it was probably the same thing caught from Charlie & most likely ‘flu. She just lay in bed listlessly & slept most of the day & by evening had a temperature of over 101˚, so Dr. W. came out & saw them both. He said after examining them that there were no complications- to keep Linda on a liquid diet & in bed. Next day her temp. was down & today is normal, but she was getting to the fractious stage! She had cereal & fruit today though & is really much better. Charlie seems better today too but has kept me on the hop the last two nights – coughing & sicking up etc. so it has all been very hectic. Cec has helped so much – stayed part of each morning etc. but I feel I have done nothing but wash sick babies – sick little clothes – sick floors & sick me! Oh – & make formula! Dr. W. says feed Charlie again when he sicks up, so sometimes he has twice as many bottles. Hasn’t sicked up today tho’ & we all feel much better. Love Cyn.

Dr. W. says Charlie must have caught a cold from baby next to him in Hosp. Only 3 in the little nursery but 1 of the babies came in with a cold. 

Charlie’s operation scars are fine- don’t seem to bother him at all.

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