January 28 1953

I assume Cyn included this clipping with the “rest of the pictures” and was worried about the weight of the letter.

Wed. 28th Jan.

Dearest Mummy,

These are the rest of the pictures, so I won’t be able to write much. Thank you so much for your last letter of the 19th- I will get down to a proper answer to all your letters & blue crosses soon, but I am trying to write thank you letters gradually & it is taking all my energy!! Re. the pictures, I meant to tell you that Cec & I are sure that Linda remembers you- she repeats “G’annie” after us & keeps turning back to the to the pictures with you in again & again, & each time she looks she says “G’annie”. I don’t know if she realizes that it is she herself or not- she grins when we point & say “Linda” but looks as if she didn’t believe us! I didn’t realize until I saw those pictures how much her hair has changed since you saw her – it is long now – as long on her as mine is on me! – & beautifully curly! All around the sides & back & wavy on top- & we still put a bow at one side!

She looks very sweet & the long curly hair makes her look quite grown-up & not babyish. We are trying to take some pictures of Lindy & Charlie, but the weather is most uncooperative- dull & cloudy each weekend. It is cold & snowy – heavy fall last night & today – but very few of those sunny, clear cold days that we had last winter. Must stop now as I want to add a list of as much of Lindy’s vocabulary as I can remember, so that you will get some idea of how much she is talking. She will tell a story now, like “Daddy – car – snow.  Bye-bye Daddy”!

Lots & lots of love from all of us – XXX from Lindy XXX from Charlie


Cookie- Tea (loves it still)- Hot coffee- Spoon- Up-down- Hole- There!- Bam! (when she bumps herself) Bagoo (Pillow- don’t why!)- Thank you- Please- Mummy- Daddy- Dan- Nancy- Baby- Lee- Barry- Jim- Joanne (doll)- Tap- Water- Towel-  Coat-coat- Boots- Mittens (m’ims)- Hat- Boy- Book- Bow-wow- Dirty- Donkey- More- Milk (That’s what she calls the Milkman)- Button- Man- Lady- Egg- Soup- Apple- Snow- Knee- Toe- Mole (she has a tiny one on her foot)- Up we go!- No-no- Soldier- sailor- (on her curtains)- penguin- birdie- bunny- lamb- cow- horsie- cat- Open- Meat- Potatoes (‘tatoes)- Refrigerator (‘rator!)- Store- ski- Upsidaisy!- Dinner- Plane- Sky- Can’t remember any more just now.  She feeds herself entirely alone too & it is wonderful- I wash dishes & have my meals &  she goes ahead eating beautifully!

In fact, I had always been told my first sentence was: “Dan, ski,  up-si-daisy!” as I watched him from the window… 

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