August 18 1952

10:45 a.m. Monday 18th Aug.

Dearest Mummy,

Mil & Ford & Monie & Judy left just over an hour ago, & having washed Lindy’s pants etc. I am having a cuppa & writing to you! The funny thing is, that about 15 mins. after they set off with all their bag & baggage & canoe on top of the car, I took Linda to her pram in the garage & behold! here is a whole lot of stuff that looks like a tent & icebox etc. etc.! They are going to camp at another place for a week so I knew they would need it- I rang Cec & we had a confab. & then I rang the Ontario Provincial Police & they were very nice & after hearing the story said they would stop the car & get them to phone me. So far I’ve heard nothing, but I bet the Pems. will have a fit when the police come tearing after them & stop them!!

We have really had a lovely weekend & we all seemed to enjoy it, but golly!- Cec & I seem to have been on the go since I don’t know when! His week’s holiday turned out to be really hard work all the time. He finished the bedroom on Mon. quite quickly & then began on the sitting room straight away – the same cream colour. We finally decided to leave the paler green – it just about halved the job, & as it is not our own house etc. it seem to be silly to go to too much trouble. It needed 3 coats & what with having to do the edges with a brush & finish off around doors & windows it was a lot to do & Cec was painting till 11 o’clock one night & he finished on Thurs. evening. I didn’t do a thing to help, but was busy all the time – I had the previous week’s ironing to do, then more washing & ironing & Cec had less time for Linda than usual really, so I was busy too. On Thurs. evening Cec got the vacuum up & we did the sitting room thoroughly & put the navy covers on the sofa etc. & it looks very nice. So sunny & light & clean & each time I look along the passage to the sitting room I think someone has left the light on! It looks more curtain-less than it did before but I hope we soon remedy that.

On Friday I got Monie’s bed ready & all the things for Mill & Ford & tried to clean up the bedroom – I got the paintwork cleaned & the floor swept but hadn’t time to scrub it! Cec put up the curtains & we are very pleased with it. Ford phoned at noon & said they would arrive for dinner & had had a lovely trip. He phoned from Ottawa about 5 & Cec picked them up at Dow’s Lake – remember that pretty lake on the way to the Island Café? I thought Mill & Ford looked just the same as in 1947 & Monie’s little face was the same altho’ she is so big now. They are all so nice & they & Cec got on wonderfully & of course Lindy was their darling! She was a little shy on Friday, but on Sat. she was all over Monie & having a glorious time. They brought her two rubber dollies & she just enjoyed every minute & was so good. She loved the doggy & said her second word after “car”-  “baff” for bath! Ford went to Kingston & got the car on Sat. & Mill & Monie went to the shops & got soaked!

Yesterday Ford took Cec & I a ride in the canoe & afterwards we all went to the Island Café for dinner – Lindy too! She sat in a high chair & was the entertainment of the entire room with her antics – squeals & playing peek a boo with the people at the next table & one thing & another! They gave her a balloon which she bit this morning! Looked a bit surprised at the pop but didn’t mind! Must stop- singing from the garage! Thank you for your letter & Lindy’s card – will answer soon. XXX from Lindy – lots of love from us all- Cyn.

Bread and Butter Postcard!

We arrived safely at Fish Creek but late. Had two beautiful days then the rains came. Will break camp & head for home Saturday. I am getting anxious to see Hugh [their son]. We had such a lovely weekend with you. Thanks again loads for everything. Hope Linda had a happy birthday. Say “hi” to her from us.

Love – Ford, Mona & Mill

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