August 5 1952

Tuesday. 5th Aug.

Dearest Mummy,

This is the day that you were leaving, and by now you will be well on your way. I hope that everything went smoothly & that the flight will be good – also that you have a nice welcome from Auntie Trix etc.

I wrote to you last on Thurs. & have really very little news as we have done nothing over the weekend, but my intention was to have a letter awaiting you at A.Trixie’s & although I have slipped up on that I thought I would do my best.

I said that we had done nothing over the weekend, but I meant nothing terrific! We worked quite hard & Cec cut the grass on Sat. & painted some of the room on Sunday. I got my breakfast in bed on Sunday & thoroughly enjoyed it! Monday was a Public holiday & it just poured with rain all day. Cec painted some more, but it was so damp that he couldn’t put a second coat over what he did on Sunday as it was still not dry. The ceiling is finished now & it looks grand- the walls all have one coat & parts have two, & already the room looks light & airy & twice as big. We should easily get it finished at the weekend & then next week Cec plans to take the week off & tackle the sitting room.

Lindy’s cold is just about better today, but up till now the poor little honey has been very snuffly & runny-nosed. It has been damp & coldish which hasn’t helped, but I think she is about better now. Her appetite is fine & today she & Cec were eating grapes!

You will be amused to hear that we are mad at Connie & Len! Yesterday they rang up & asked me about our babysitter – theirs was away & they wanted one for Wed. So I told them about Donna, then rang Donna & arranged it for them, then rang Connie & told her it was all fixed. A little while later Phyl Douglas called me & asked us to a little party on Wed. evening for Ruth and Keith (before their wedding), & it turned out that Alec had seen Leonard earlier & asked him & they had calmly annexed our babysitter and we had none! We were so mad – you can imagine! – we called the other girl & she was ill, but finally the “Cy – Cec combine” is coming into action & Cy is coming over for us. But wasn’t it a mean trick as they knew it was an “office” party & would surmise we’d be asked too. We are supposed to take something silly for Ruth & Keith so think of getting a “Doctor Spock”! Must stop now. Lindy sends a big hug & a kiss –                          With lots of love 

                                            from Cec & Cyn

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