July 16 1952

Linda and Grannie back in February.

This first letter after a year’s gap is written the day after Carol left Ottawa, travelling to a series of visits on her way home.  After almost a year of living with Cec and Cyn and helping look after her beloved grandchild, it must have been a wrench leaving, even if she was going to other loving relatives.  

And note about air travel 70 years ago: security wasn’t much of an issue then, although safety kept onlookers away from the planes. Ottawa had two small airports, one military, Rockcliff, and one civil, Uplands, and anyone could come in, mingle with the departing passengers, hug them, and watch them trail out to the plane, and wave goodbye. They could watch the planes take off from inside or outside, although Cec, Cyn and Linda seem to have missed this. The NRC had research facilities out at the airport, which would grow even as the airport did over the decades.

The letter is only dated Wednesday, but was postmarked July 16. Canadian air letter forms cost her 10¢, and I like the design better although there is less space than the American 10¢ forms.


Dearest Mummy,

I thought I would send your A.M. letter back to you & now having begun it I realize I could have sent you an ordinary A.M. letter for 7¢, but after all what is 3¢ to rich people like ourselves!

I hope that you had a nice flight to New York with no bumps & a prompt arrival. I am sure that Auntie Ettie & the girls would be waiting for you & although I expect you would be fair wore out, I imagined you all sitting drinking cups of tea & gossiping for hours! Cec got quite worried because he didn’t see your plane go up, & we drove around the airfield to see if you were still sitting in some corner of it, but no signs, so we decided you must have sneaked off into the clouds when our backs were turned! Jim & Lee were off to see a house, so they dashed away but Connie & Len were in no hurry. Christopher had cried at the big noise the plane made but Linda didn’t although we thought she might & Cec carried her away from the doorway when it roared. Connie & Len asked us back for a cold drink with them, which was nice of them, but Lindy was so sleepy we said no. Connie was really very sweet & seemed most upset at your going- it was nice of them all to come, wasn’t it? On the way home Lindy sat on my knee & we sang (!) to her & before we were 1/2 way back she was fast asleep. She roused when we got home & Cec put her to bed & I warmed her milk & she drank it & fell straight to sleep again, the little pet. We were all pretty tired, so Cec helped me wash up & we had a glass of ginger ale & then I had a bath & went to bed & I don’t think Cec was much later.

It is lovely & sunny but cool today & so much nicer than that awful close heat. I hope it is the same with you & that you & Auntie E. are having a “dunk” in the canal! Lindy woke at 7, but was sleepy, so had a sleep in the garage this morning & is asleep again now (2.0 p.m.).  I did a big wash (always is!) & you will be amazed to hear that I was shamed into bleaching your sheets, pillowcases & the kitchen towels etc.! Linda was so good & played in her pen at the back after she woke up this morning & never murmured until she heard me talking to Mrs. Hughes & then she began yelling “Ma-Ma-Ma” at the top of her voice! Phil Douglas rang up to ask if I would like some cheap raspberries at the weekend (I said “oh yes” & “yummy”) & I am to go down with Linda for a chat later this afternoon. Already today seems a week long, so it’s a good job I’m busy. I thought of you this morning over my cuppa – I have decided to have tomato juice instead in future- better for Algy & less trouble!! Linda sends a big, big hug & says “I miss you Granny.” We all do. Lots & lots of love- Cyn.

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