July 8 1951

Cec and Cyn’s American work life achievements: a thesis and the baby present..

Sunday. 8th July. 1951

Dearest Mummy,

I know that you will have been having kittens ever since you got our cable, but I do hope that it won’t have upset you and your plans too much, and that you won’t be too worried. We are so sorry to be so upsetting at the last moment, but as I told you in my last letter, Cec has been having a wretched time with his work, and although he has been working so desperately these last months, things were just not coming right. His thesis does not actually have to be in Cambridge until the 30th September, but the writing was the least part of it as he could do that in Ottawa if necessary, – the results from his work were the really worrying part, as those he has to get down here where all his equipment is. So, on Thursday Cec saw Dr. S & had a long talk with him, & Gordon said that he thought Cec would have to take me up to Ottawa & get me settled there with you, & then come back here & finish his experimental work in A.A. Well- we talked about it, & instead I suggested that we stay here until the end of September & ask you to come here instead of Ottawa. In this way, Cec will waste no time, but can carry right on with his work; it will be less expensive; I will have no last minute rushing & travelling; and I will have the baby at the Hospital here, which I would like.

Once we made the decision, we both felt the most terrific sense of relief, because both of us have been worrying & wondering what we could do. Of course, there are snags- Cec will have to ask the National Research Council in Ottawa for leave for 2 months, & as he won’t be getting paid, we will be hard up- also we will have to find another flat here as this one is let, but the advantages are so enormous in our staying that we are both quite light-hearted! I am very happy about having the baby here, & Cec is relieved that I won’t have the long, tiring journey & all the big upheaval. Finding an apt. here on the spot will be less of a job than finding something in Ottawa, & altho’ it is a pity we have to leave 803 Granger, it would have been a squash & a bigger apt will be better. Gunborg dashed down straight away to say we could all come & live with them, but I don’t think we’ll do that!

Cec & I both got your letters yesterday, thank you very much. I’ll answer mine later in the week, & Cec says to tell you that he will see the Bank Manager tomorrow & send you the required letter- it is necessary for U.S. as well as Canada we think. If you concentrate on getting U.S. formalities ready we can complete Canadian ones here before Sept.- hope you don’t have too wild a rush with the change of plan & that you can change the flight O.K. Will send Bank letter tomorrow & write more details later. Don’t worry– we feel fine!! Lots & lots of love- Cyn.

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