June 26 1951


June 26. Tuesday.

Dearest Mummy,

I thought I would just write an A.M. this week, as we have very little news after my epic of last week! Your letter of June 17th arrived on Sat. & we enjoyed it & say thank you very much! I had meant to write to the Aunties etc. & be quite energetic over the weekend, but it was hot, so all my energy oozed away & I hardly did anything except the usual weekend cleaning & cooking. Yesterday was hot, but with a nice cool breeze so I ironed all evening, but today is hot & humid again, darn it so I sit & mop my brow & get nothing done!

I went to the Clinic again yesterday- I go oftener now- & had yet another doctor – but nice! I had been a good girl & not gained too much weight & was quite OK. We talked a bit about the trip etc. & my getting a dr. in Ottawa & the clinic sending my “particulars” to him etc. but nothing much really, & I’m to go back in 2 weeks. I was most amused & pleased to hear of Patsy & Tony’s news, & hope that everything goes well for her. It has worked out very well that she will have the baby in England, & long enough there afterwards to get really strong again for the journey. I laughed at Bren’s remarks re. the “overtime” & couldn’t help thinking of Jeanie’s statement one time that she was so fertile a man had only to look at her & she got pregnant! It doesn’t seem that way with Patsy, or else Tony’s been having a hell of a long look!

Talking of babies, I went to see Milly & her son on Sat. morning & took her some flowers from the market. She went home on Wed. evening, but her Mother was down from Montreal, so she had good help, but poor lass she got a temperature (due to her breasts the Dr. said) & was very poorly for a few days after she got home & had to go to the hospital each day for penicillin shots. Dawn saw her yesterday & said she looked fine & I am glad as she looked a bit pale & tired when I saw her. The baby was awake & cute, but so funny with all this long dark hair- Milly had it parted at one side & said she was going to have to clip it over his ears! He is good she says, but of course the 1:30 a.m. and 5:30 a.m. feeds weren’t too popular with Mama & Papa!

I hope Bren has good news about the job from Arthur – she must be very fed up with the worry & indecision poor girl. Richard’s birthday party sounded very funny with all the little boys fighting etc.! I can just imagine them all waiting to bat & being most uncooperative! The tea sounded nice though! Was glad you had got a bit further with your money arrangements etc.& hope it is all OK & that you have definite news of your flight booking etc. We have telephoned moving companies & freight stations etc. but have made no commitments yet. (Plenty of etc.s!)

I hope your 2 new dresses are going to be smashing! You will put Cec & me in the shade, as we will probably be looking shabby as A. Moo says! However, Costain Jr. should do us all proud in all the new clothes! Looking forward to your next parcel – the first one was so nice! Laughed over the silver spoon etc.- nice of Doris to polish so hard for us, but guess the baby won’t be using it himself for a little while!! Always have a squash the end of these A.M.’s.  I still owe Edie a letter, & haven’t heard from my Father lately. Will write again soon. Cec is at the Lab. but would send love & a hug- Lots & lots from Cynnie+

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