June 4 1951

June 4th 1951

Dearest Mummy,

After a hot damp humid weekend, it has been quite cold and grey today – everyone has been grumbling about the horrid cold day but am I glad! Over the weekend I felt so tired & weary with the heat & damp, & now it is cool again I am once more full of cheer.

Another reason I am full of cheer is that I went to the Clinic this morning & had yet another Dr., but he was one Millie had had often & she liked him, & I thought he was so nice too. I lost 1 1/2 lbs in weight over the 5 weeks & he said I was O.K. now & needn’t be so careful anymore – could even have an odd ice cream cone without feeling guilty, so I was most pleased! He said definitely it is just one baby and it is doing fine! So you will be relieved. I told him all my girlish troubles of swollen feet on hot days etc. & he reassured me & was so friendly & jolly I came away feeling very satisfied with me & him & everyone! I am to go back in 3 week’s time, so I am stepping up the pace!

We got your letter written on 27th May on Sat., & thank you so much for it – although you certainly seemed “all of a do” when you wrote it, & fussed at us!! You must remember we are submerged in thesises & work & typing thesises etc. & will have to let other things wait till we get that out of the way. Babies? Pooh! We have to produce a thesis first! I will scum through your letter & answer the vital questions, so that you won’t accuse me of procrastinating anymore (!) & will answer the rest later. About booking your passage, Aug. 6th should be fine- by then we should have a place for you to sleep. Of course we won’t rush & buy a house the minute we get to Ottawa – we’ll rent something – but we hope to buy as soon as we can, when we find something suitable. We can’t be anything except vague until we get there & see. I asked the Dr. about getting in touch with the Ottawa Hospital & he said it was not necessary. To wait until I get there & get a doctor & he will make arrangements & the hospital here will send him all my records. He says it will be much the best, & there is no need to worry about being late and booking at the Hospital. You will have heard from me by now re. the baby clothes & that I think to send them here. Amy’s came safely with no duty (they are lovely- the cover big & warm & the 2 little jackets very cute) & I don’t see that there is anything to worry about. If by any chance they are late Mrs. Kaufman will send them onto us – no need to bother about Gunborg. The only address we have in Ottawa is the bank:- The Bank of Nova Scotia, Ottawa, Ontario.- as Cec won’t be at work till Aug. there’s not much point in giving you that address. About the layette we are not getting anything here at all, except nappies & vests, as there is no reason for us to load ourselves up with more luggage etc. than we already have. We will get them in Ottawa when we know what accommodation we will have, for one thing. Nappies etc. are cotton, so cheaper here, & I will get them in Detroit before we leave.

A baby basket would be sweet if you have the time to get it done & it isn’t too bulky to bring. I haven’t seen any over here so can’t tell you the price – the nurse just had an enamel dish with the things in so perhaps that is what they use. Anyway, I haven’t really looked in any baby departments in any stores at all – there is only about one in A.A. & they are v. expensive & we haven’t had time to go shopping in Detroit. You ask about whether we want a boy or a girl – we don’t care a bit, altho’ we thought one of each would be nice if we had twins! However, we’ll try to achieve both in time!

Bedtime & Cec is shooing me off- he’s working & I’ve been typing for him – Lots of love from us all – Cyn & Cec.

Love the exasperated tone that creeps into Cyn’s answers after the ‘full of cheer’ mood of the beginning- seems very familiar somehow…

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