May 2 1951

Wed. May 2nd. 1951

Dearest Mummy,

I got your nice letter on Monday written on your birthday, and was so sorry that neither my letter nor card had arrived in time, but I hope by now they are all there – perhaps even your present too, so that you didn’t have to wait too long. 

I have been trying to catch up on some of my correspondence this weekend & week, as I hadn’t written to Nan or Dottie or Irene to thank them for my presents yet, & I was all behind-hand. I don’t know how I seem to have done so little this last month, but the time has flown & I haven’t even knitted or done anything except the usual chores! I haven’t got my letters list down to reasonable proportions yet, but I’m trying!

Since I last wrote it has suddenly become hot and summery. Towards the end of last week it was nice & bright & springy, but suddenly on Sat. the temp was up to 75, & has been the same or hotter ever since. It is a bit too much all of a sudden & it makes me so mad because all the trees & daffodils, tulips etc. are bursting out all at once & in about a week’s time the flowers will be over & the springy–ness gone! Today is heavy & thundery & we had a storm this afternoon, but it doesn’t seem to be much cooler.

Now I know that you will be wanting to hear what happened when I went to the Clinic on Monday – actually nothing much! I had another different Dr. & he poked my tummy etc. as usual & listened to the heartbeats. I asked him about twins, & he said, well, he could only hear one heartbeat, & finally when he was going out of the room I said “Do you think I should give up the idea of twins then?” & he said “I think you might as well,” so it looks as if my twinnies are fizzling out! I was kind of prepared for it, as you said, but still a little disappointed, but mainly because I think that is the disadvantage of going to the Clinic- one Dr. gets you excited, & the next one makes you feel a bit let down when he’s calm about it all! I really did get scolded over my weight though – I knew I was gaining a lot- all in my tummy! – but in the 5 weeks I gained 8 pounds & it was too much! I am to go to a class tomorrow “Diet in Pregnancy” for overweight preggies- I call it the Fat Girls Class & everyone is most amused! I know I have been a bit gay, but it makes me mad because lots of the girls eat much more than I do, & don’t get fat!

I went last Friday & had my teeth cleaned at the Dental Clinic – only $1.00 & a little 18-year-old Freshman girl student did it. But she was grimly determined to clean these there teeth & toiled for 1 1/2 hours & I have to go back next week too! Don’t know about holes – hate to run up any $100 bills, so think I will hang on till Canada!

This is a very dull letter, but thought I’d better write a short note now & try to do better at the weekend. Cec is in a toil mood just now, so I should get lots done! He sends his love, it sends its love & I send my love! 


P.S. Cec calls me his Big Old Wife in earnest now!!

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