Cyn’s Job

Although Cynthia had been successful as a teacher in England and had done a marvellous job at both teaching and representing England during her exchange year in Toledo, she obviously enjoyed the less stressful post as a clerk at the university, and the camaraderie of the people she worked with. In her letters to her mother, she has described how the Field Office carried out the surveys, and her social involvements with her colleagues. Since many of them were featured in the March newsletter, she sent her mother an annotated copy! While some of these women were in permanent positions, many were, like Cyn, wives of post-graduate students who would be moving on when their husbands had finished their degrees. The Field Office was clearly aware that Cyn was leaving for Canada in the summer of 1951, since it had been discussed when they (flatteringly) considered her as Edie’s replacement. I thought it was interesting that three of them had a teaching background.

The Open House was one of the things she wrote about in December 1950, and I posted the photos of that event earlier. Here, however, her hard work is acknowledged!

She marked for her mother the paragraphs introducing all the friends she had been writing about for the past few months.

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