Christmas 1950

Cyn and Cec had invited their friends, the Boveys, to come for Christmas- the latest physicist pair transplanted from Cambridge to North America, now living in Ottawa where Cec and Cyn expect to go within the next year, but not very happy about it. However, they obviously resumed their Cambridge habits, because this Christmas letter is written as they play bridge together, just as they had in England!  Connie and Len had known Carol Ewing from the time before Cyn and Cec were married, so they join in sending her a description of their day.  The handwriting switches whenever a new hand is played and someone else is dummy- all except for Len, who played every hand, and was left to send a message on the envelope!

Christmas day – evening.

Dear Mrs. Ewing – 

In case you don’t recognize my writing this is Connie starting a Christmas day round robin to you from we four –

Today Cyn & I coped with a turkey all alone without our respective mothers to give advice!  After an enormous meal of ‘it’ – or at least part of, plus stuffing, cranberry sauce, creamed potatoes, beans & tomato aspic salad we have retired exhausted for a game of bridge with a faint hope of having the plum pudding & hard sauce later.

This letter will become a bit disjointed because whoever’s dummy adds a bit.

CYN Hello honey bunny – this is Cyn! I am dummy and poor Cec is struggling away with a bid of 3 hearts and a Yarbrough except for one Jack, which was a present from me!!

We have been busy talking about our Mummies all day and hope that you have all had a happy, happy Christmas. I went to Church at 8 o’clock this morning- Connie was coming with me but didn’t feel well this morning – then just got home in time to hear the “round the world” broadcast & dear little Kingie! Cec made it – I go!

CEC Now I am the dummy. Cyn out to make 1 club to get us game. 

I am wearing my sweater. Do you know, the one she started sometime ago? Also a pair of blue slacks & a belt – presents from my little wife. We’ve been very practical this Christmas, -we needed clothes & have got them for presents. Fun.

We are having a lovely lazy loafing lounging time with the Boveys. (Cyn is way past her bid.)

CYN Me again! We are doing well just now – Leonard thinks the cards are being horrid to him!

We are having the nicest time – we were fair wore out by the time work finished on Friday, but Connie & Len arrived on Sat. morning (stayed a night with a friend in Detroit) & since then we have had a lovely time. Connie & Len are most helpful visitors & I just put my feet up! You would have laughed to see Connie & me coping with this enormous turkey (14 1/2 lbs.)  He was a beauty, but we were quite puzzled by his anatomy – we kept making more & more stuffing to fill him up, & then in the end he swelled so, that the stuffing burst out, but we all thought he was delicious!

Church this morning was very quiet. I drove down of course & found only about 20 – 30 people there, & although there were 3 Christmas trees – two very big – there were no decorations or lights on them, so it all looked rather dim and gloomy. We sang in rather a quavery way, but I piped up. 

I was so happy to hear the English programme- did you hear it? I cried & cried & was so pleased about hearing it all!! The King’s voice wasn’t very clear, but we could hear most of it.

CEC Yes Cyn enjoyed Georgie. We have been having a wonderful run of cards- three game bids in a row made.

McTavish is behaving quite well – a few things to be fixed. We are off to see Til & Lois on Wed., if the roads are good. We are being careful. (Cyn made 3 diamonds, so back to bridge.) She was stubborn and now has to play 4 clubs which she won’t make.

You mustn’t worry about (down one) Cyn’s dieting. (down two) I was keeping an eye on her, & she kept her good nature all the week. She lost enough & won’t be doing it again. (down three). But now she’s trying again with 2 diamonds.

How do you like the running commentary on our game. Cyn gave me a ‘dairy’ – and a lovely ashtray. One of these kinds loaded with shot which will stay anywhere you put it. (She made it!!!)  (Bridge)

We’ve got our Xmas tree with our little Angel on top, she still looks lovely, Cyn I mean. Lots & lots of love Cec XX XX

CYN Isn’t that a nice husband? My presents were lovely- a dress and a handbag from seats! The dress is a pale blue wool jersey & has a pinky-red & navy blue swathed belt. It buttons on each shoulder with 3 buttons (material covered) and the button holes are bound with the navy & pink – it’s pretty. The handbag is a thing I needed badly as I haven’t a brown one at all – it is “corday” like that black one I bought in Toledo & is the cutest boxy shape – I had a lovely Santa Claus! My other presents were a book by Simenon from Mrs. Allan, a pale blue hanky-puff from Nan, bath cubes from Irene & very pretty little cocktail mats from Amy. Cec & I together got a lovely book of photos of Cambridge & Oxford from Connie & Len, the Book Club from Dottie, & a sub. to Readers Digest for a year from Cec’s sister Merle & Dixon. We also got a cake & sherry from the S’s & an angel food cake from Mrs. Kaufman, & Cec got a lovely book of cartoons from Irene & Bill. Your parcel hasn’t come yet, but it is fun to look forward to & know it is coming. We got Bren’s lovely lacquer bowls & think they are beautiful.

Must stop now, & get it mailed. Poor Len never got to be dummy but sends his love & Connie too. I’ll write a real epic later in the week, but want to send this to tell you we are thinking of you & send hugs & kisses for the New Year. 

                                     Lots of love from


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