November Christmas Parcels

At the end of November 1950, Cyn sent her friends in England, who were still under post-wartime scarcity and rationing, Christmas parcels- nylons for the women, toys or outfits for their children, and raisins and candy tucked in for a treat.  She and Cec sent out 75 Christmas cards- 50 fewer than the year before when they were newlyweds, but their student life had changed- they were in a different university in different country, and, as Cyn’s letters have shown, Cec’s university friends had also left Cambridge and dispersed to universities and research positions around the world. 

Here is Cyn’s List:

I meant to tell you my diet the other day too- this is it.

It is Friday today (24th) & is so cold! Went down to 1°F last night & was around 15° today – we are so happy it is the weekend & we can hibernate for 2 days! We went shopping at the grocery after work & bought in our week’s supplies, so won’t starve even if we get snowed in!

Packed a parcel to my Father tonight & will post tomorrow – I put in sweets, chocolate, sugar lumps- two pkts Patience cards – 2 books – 1 book X-word puzzles-soap- dates – raisins & 2 little pkts of tissues for colds etc. Hope it gets there before Christmas.

My bulbs I planted are doing fine (paper whites) – there are 5, & they are like this- all different heights! But they are nice & green & fun to watch!

Must stop now & get us a “snake”! Hot cocoa tonight I think – but no sandwich for me – must watch my figure! 

            Lots of love love and hugs 



Postmarked Nov. 27, the back is stamped 22 Dec.- must have gone by sea!

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