November 7 1950

7th. November, 1950

Dearest Mummy,

Cec is busy, so didn’t meet me for lunch, so I am improving the shining hour by beginning a letter to you! He is giving a paper at the Seminar (all the Physics Profs. and Lecturers and graduate students) on Thursday, so you can imagine the work he is doing, and the hours he is keeping. However, he seems quite pleased with what he is doing, so that is one thing.

Typing reminds me, that in your last two letters you have been asking me about those forms which I was to type for you – I didn’t mention it in my last letter, because I sent them off by sea some time ago, and I kept thinking that you would have got them before I wrote to you about them. I have no idea how long sea mail takes (let me know sometime-huh?) but I am sure that you should have got them by now. If not, I am awfully sorry – I thought they would be in plenty of time or I would have sent them by air. If by any chance they are lost, let me have a copy by air, and I will send you off some more by return, if not quicker – I promise.

I have not got your last letters with me, but thank you very much for them. One arrived on Friday last week, and one that you had addressed from Jean. Please thank her for me, will you, because at my present rate of reply she won’t get a letter for years! It was nice of her to write to me. You will wonder if you are ever going to get your letters answered, but I assure you that you will get a shock one day! Next week I am going on a strict diet (!!!) which I read in the paper – lots of eggs and grapefruit etc. and it is only for two weeks, which I think I could stand! Anyway I am going to have to take my lunch with me each day, so that I get the right things to eat, so Cec is going to carry his lunch too, and we are just going to eat at work. THEN I will answer your letters each lunchtime, and you will eventually get a lalapalooza! Incidentally, the money we save on lunches next week, we are going to save to buy a bathroom scale, so that we will be able to weigh progress!! Cec is going to help me to keep it up for a week, and see how I get on- he is going to be strict and not let me eat a cookie each time I feel hungrey! However, don’t get alarmed, because the article said that you were to stop at once if you felt badly or were irratable, so I won’t suffer at all!

Talking about letters, we heard from Connie and Len last week, and they sounded very forlorn. They had been in Ottawa for ten days, and had not got an apartment yet, and seemed quite in the dumps about it – they said that there were plenty of places, but all had snags, some too far out etc. We told Gunborg about the letter, and she said that she wasn’t surprised, that they had always struck her as rather a peevish couple, and very hard to please! We were a bit surprised, but we had suspected that Gunborg didn’t like them very much! However, we think that they are a bit inclined to want to perfection, and the letter did seem a bit grumbly – Len is complaining about his small salary and says that he doesn’t think that things can be any cheaper there than in the U.S. – I might send the letter for you to see when I answer it anyway. Connie puts a P.S. and says that they were living for Christmas when they would see us, so we thought that was rather pathetic, and we felt sorry for them.

I wrote to Winnie Sheedy last night, and sent Geraldine and Peter birthday cards. Cec and I had fun last week buying toys in the dime store for Peter’s birthday parcel. We got him little plastic horses with cowboys and Indians to ride on them, and plastic street lamps which glow in the dark, and one of those funny jointed green snakes which wiggle when you hold it, and a top which you shoot from a gun (plastic) and lots of candy and comics. I enclosed a lb. of icing sugar for Dottie, and 2 pkts. of Jello. I have to get my Christmas presents this weekend and send them off next week, so we will have a shopping spree on Saturday – fun!

Had to stop there & do some work! I am home now & have had dinner & washed up. I have arranged to go with Edie & Dawn from work to the pictures to see Bette Davis in “All About Eve” as our husbands are working, but it is raining so I wish I could stay at home! We have had the wierdest weather lately – the weekend we were at Til & Lois’ & about 3 days afterwards were so beautiful & warm, then the weather broke, & on Saturday we woke up to sleet & snow! It was a dreadful weekend & has been dull & not nice since.

I had Edie & Cec’s Canadian friend from the Lab Al (was at Univ. in Sask) to a Guy Fawkes dinner & to play bridge! We had no fireworks though! I sent my menu & place cards in a sea letter at the weekend with a plan of Lois & Til’s house & one of the Sutherland’s new house, telling what they were like. Anyway our dinner was a big success, & we had a nice time – Al is very quiet & shy, but although Edie is quiet, she is very sweet & asks questions & is a good listener- & they both said they had a good time.

On Sunday we walked up to S’s in the afternoon as Gunborg is going away for about a week to stay with friends for a change (has a lady to come & look after the house) but they were out. I wrote to Dottie on Sunday, so I am making an effort! Last night too I did all the ironing & washed my hair, so felt full of virtue!

Had a letter from Cec’s Mummy tonight, & they have sold their house & land, & have bought a smaller one in Saskatoon (they were 3 miles out)- also Russell (21) is engaged & is to be married at Christmas!! Isn’t that a lot of news?! 

Must stop- Love to A. Muriel & A.. Ettie (is she staying for Christmas?) & lots & lots for my Thin little Mama! 

          from Cyn & Cec.

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