October 1 1950

Sunday. 1st October. 1950. 

Dearest Mummy, 

I still haven’t got around to that long letter answering yours, but I still intend to, so it will be coming! I got yours of the 18th on Monday, & was so pleased to get it & glad that you were having fun painting!

On thinking back, I remember that it is 1 1/2 weeks since I wrote last, as I meant to write again at the weekend, & then got caught up in ironing etc. instead! I also managed to write to Irene for her birthday & send a box of candy- it wasn’t a very original present but I was so horrified when Dottie wrote & told me that she’d had to pay £1 on the waist petticoat I’d sent her for her birthday, that I thought I’d better send something that had no duty on. I intended sending “Les Girls” nylons at Christmas, but I think I’d better ask them if they want them first.

Cec & I have had quite a busy week, & the time seems to have flown, but thinking back we don’t seem to have done much. Last Sat. we went to Mary & Arthur Dockerill’s & chatted & had a cup of tea etc. They have a flat on the top floor of a big house owned by an old Physics Prof. & it is atticy & rather like our Cambridge one, but they have their own shower– bathroom. It is nice although not so modern as this one. On the Sunday, Cec went down to the Kaufman’s & watched a baseball game on television. The K’s had also taken us to the Market on the Sat. morning & among other things we bought a lovely bunch of mauvy gladiolas & on the Sun. we walked over to the Sutherlands & gave them to Gunborg. She is very busy with the house- painting etc. & it really is looking very nice.

Mon. I ironed (also Sun!) & on Tues. Cec & I & Gunborg went to see “Sunset Boulevard” which was very good. It is a film with Gloria Swanson in it as a star of silent days & she acts very well in it – looks awful though, I think!

Wed. we did nothing, but on Thursday Cec & I had hardly arrived home after work, when Kirstin came & asked us to come up as her Mummy was ill, & they had no one to cook their dinner. She was on her bike, but we set off walking & arrived in about 20 mins. to find the kids finishing dinner which was already cooked & Gunborg had told Kirstin to ask us to come later! However, we sat down & ate the remains! Poor Gunborg had been sick & felt v. poorly, but got better, & we saw the girls to bed & left her to have a good sleep.

We went to a big Michigan University football game yesterday afternoon, but M. lost & we were v. disappointed as it was slow & not much fun. We played bridge with Cec’s friend from the Lab. Pete & his wife Mary Jo who used to take me shopping – it was fun.

Must stop now, but will try & write again this week. 

      Lots of love


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