August 13 1950

I have already posted most of these photos that Cyn sent Carol to illustrate earlier letters when she was telling her mother about the events. She put the duplicates in her Scrapbook but unfortunately she didn’t copy the ones she thought were poor, so there are no pictures of Dr. Sutherland.

Sunday. Aug.13

Dearest Mummy,

This isn’t a proper letter. It’s just to send you some snaps & some other funny things to amuse you! The snaps are mostly of the Sutherlands, so that you can see what they are like, & I have numbered them on the back.

  1. This is Anne- the oldest one- & is good of her- taken in their back garden.
  2. This is little Mary & Gunborg, taken on their porch. The canvas screen behind is to keep the sun out on a hot day. It is good of them both I think, but Gunborg says it makes her look like the Crown Princess of Sweden- all nose & teeth! 
  3. This is the 3 girls – Kirsten on the left – it is cute of little Mary we think. 
  4. This is Gordon (Dr. S.- we have been told to call him Gordon) & Gunborg at their front door. It isn’t very good, but will give you some idea of how they look.
  5. This is me with Arthur & Mary Dockerill on the picnic we went with them. Notice our picnic basket prominently displayed! We took one with Cec on too, but forgot to turn it, & took a squirrel on top!
  6. This is our pet squirrel, Blossom, taking a cherry from me. We are on the Campus.
  7. This is Blossom again with a plum! He is halfway through it, but finds it rather heavy to hold! Isn’t he a pet?

I must stop now, as I am very busy! I have just done a Big Wash of all our things to go away, & we have just had tea. Now I must clear away & begin dinner. I have all the ironing to do, the floors to wash, the house to clean & the packing to do, before we leave on Tues. morning! I was just saying to Cec how nice it would be not to have to think of what to have for dinner for the next 4 weeks!

I have been meaning to tell you for a long time, that I went to Woolies to get you some rubber washers, but came away foiled! There were some like what we had in England, but they were for garden hoses, & had all different sized holes in the middle. The wash basin kind were different- like sort of rubber buttons. Anyway Cec said if you could send an old one, it would be the best thing.

The little map is to show you where we are flying on our holiday. From Windsor to Toronto, then to Saskatoon. We go from there to Regina by train, then fly from Regina back to Toronto, then to Ottawa, then to Montreal, then back to Toronto & Windsor.

With lots and lots of love




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