June 26 1950

Monday, 26th June.

Dearest Mummy,

I wrote to you last Wed. or Thurs. & said that I hadn’t heard from you for quite a while, & then on Fri. I got your letter dated 13th June, and on Sat. another one dated 6th June! Wasn’t that silly to get the first one last? But we were so glad to get them & loved hearing your news & were so pleased to know that Dr. Muriel had cured your sore throat & hope it keeps quite better.

This isn’t going to be much of a letter, as it is getting late & I’m tired, but I wanted to send you these few pictures we had. One of them was taken during our last weekend in Cambridge, when everyone came to eat up our remaining tins- remember? We had just got our beer mugs from Frank etc. so are displaying them proudly – but don’t we all look funny?! We think Frank must be playing with the Magic Mummy – we can’t imagine what else it could be that he is so engrossed in!

The rest are of our flat- the house taken before the leaves came out on the trees, but now it looks quite different & you can hardly see it for leaves. It was difficult to get any decent view of the inside as the rooms are small, but at least you can see our lovely big fridge!!

My exclamation marks would be at the idea that this is a BIG fridge!

Since I wrote last week we have been having the most terrific heat & humidity & it has left us both limp & exhausted. The flat was hot & in the evenings although we opened every window, there wasn’t a breath of air. On Fri. I got my first paycheque of $23.80,

so on Saturday we went to town & bought a fan & it was a blessing all weekend. I also bought a pair of red sandals & a grey & white cotton dress- the material is grey & has white lace (three strips) across the bodice. You will think I am doing nothing but buy dresses, but you must remember that of all my others the Mitcham’s navy blue with white spot is the only one that fits!!!

We went to the pictures last week to see “Father of the Bride” with Spencer Tracy & Elizabeth Taylor, & it was quite amusing. On Sun. morning we called at the Sutherlands’ & got invited to a lovely cold lunch on their porch, so we had a nice cool afternoon. Thank goodness today there was a breeze, & the forecast is cooler for tomorrow. I am still working& no one has told me to stop yet, so I must be some use! 

Cec is busy, but sends his love – mine to Auntie Moo & lots & lots for you



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