May 11 1950

The Campus of The University of Michigan, 1950.

4th May. 1950. 

Dearest Mummy,

Cec and I were so delighted to get your lovely long letter on Monday, and to hear all your news. We hadn’t had a letter for over 2 weeks, and I thought you would probably be having a very giddy social whirl, but never thought that there would be an A.M. only every fortnight. By the way, when the postman brought your’s & A. Moo’s letters he rang the bell & asked for the stamps, so we had quite a chat! Also this week (yesterday) your earrings arrived from Basil & thank you very, very much for them – they are sweet, & I wore them today to the Physics Wives Tea & Cec thought they looked lovely. I didn’t have to pay any duty or anything- wasn’t that nice? I finally got a little parcel off to you last week, & must be psychic as I sent a cotton dress as you requested in your letter, & also cheap as you requested!! However, as A. Moo says about her material, no one else will have one like it! I am so glad that A. Moo liked the material – please thank her for her letter to me.

Since I sent you my huge long letter last week we haven’t done anything much at all, so there isn’t any exciting news. On Sat. afternoon Mrs. Sutherland was going to a Concert & had an extra ticket given to her, so took me along. It was the Philadelphia Philharmonic Orchestra playing, & a “Youth Chorus” singing, & Kirsten was in the Chorus. There was also a man singing, Jan Pierce, who was very good, so it was a nice concert. The Sunday was Mrs. S.’s birthday, but some cousins of hers were coming to see them that day, so as a small celebration she asked us & the Dockrills to a spaghetti supper on Sat. evening & we had a nice time. Cec & I took her some red roses & a funny birthday card about washing dishes & she seemed very pleased.

It suddenly got terribly hot last week & the temp. rose over 20° in one day, so everyone was wilting, but over the weekend there were gales & storms, & now it is cool again. However, all the trees are in bud now & the grass is lovely & green so everything looks more cheerful.

Cec has been working very hard as he had a paper to give the Faculty at a meeting last week & he has another one to give to another group next week, so he is toiling away. I had Mary Dockrill to tea on Tues. & on Wed. we met in town & went to the Library together & had a milk shake!

Mrs. Sutherland has lent us an old bookcase they aren’t using, so Cec has been putting it together & we are going to clean it & sand it & paint it & it will make a big difference to our room. When it is done, I will take some pictures! I have been busy lining shelves & washing china & now have all my kitchen cupboards looking beeootiful! Cec has hung up our pictures & we are so pleased to have all our things again.

I must stop now, but will answer your letter later & send the reply by sea, let me know how long air and sea letters take, will you? My love to A. Moo & Jean & the other girls. Cec sends love to you, with lots and lots from 


P.S. This is a horrid letter, but I have been ironing & feel fair wore out!!

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