April 4 1950

Cyn’s birthday was April 3rd.

Tues. 4th April. 1950.

Dearest Mummy,

Both your wonderful long Air Mail letter and your birthday card (Trinidad’s best!) arrived yesterday and I was so pleased. It was lovely getting them on my birthday & I think you are very clever indeed. I did enjoy hearing about all your doings at Janie & Bill’s, and I am going to write a “screed” later this week, but at the moment I want to get this written & posted today, so I won’t attempt to answer it just now.

I had a nice birthday- last week I got cards from Nan and Anne, then yesterday I got yours & one from Dottie & one from Mrs. Pasquier & today one from Amy, Charlie & Ruth. I also got a cable yesterday wishing me a happy birthday from “Mary” & sent from London & I want you to S.O.S. back to me which do you think it is (1) Mary Ewing- but does she know my birthday? or (2) Mary Eagan – but does she know my address? I’d hate to write & thank the wrong one, but if you let Mary Egan know my address I think it’s probably her. Cec gave me a blue & white blouse which I requested, & was going to get me some daffodils, but couldn’t get any!

For celebrations I had asked the 3 Sutherland girls to tea on Sunday & Dr. & Mrs. S to come for a drink on Mon. evening without, of course, telling them why. However Anne spotted the 2 birthday cards on Sunday & asked about it, then on Mon. evening in the pouring rain Dr.S. came round with little Mary who had drawn me a birthday card & refused to go to bed until she brought it. It had 3 multicoloured umbrellas on & rain drops & said on it “Happy Birthday Misses Costain” then underneath “It’s something for a rane day”. Wasn’t that sweet?

Then when Dr. & Mrs. S came later he brought me a bottle of sherry & she brought me a cake of Pears soap all prettily wrapped up. Wasn’t it lovely of them? We had a nice time drinking & gossiping & the children had a whale of a time on Sunday. I had made a cake & coloured it all pretty colours, then put white icing on & bought a little yellow sugar rabbit & chickens to decorate the top & they loved it. Then we played hunt the thimble & various other games & fair wore Cec and me out! However they enjoyed it. They are coming here for lunch tomorrow as Mrs. S is feeling tired & not very well, so if they don’t go in in the middle of the day she will be able to have a good rest.

This evening Cec & I are going to  Prof. & Mrs. Cork’s to dinner- the Simpsons (English couple) are going too, & I hope they give us a lift! But first I’m meeting Cec in town to see if we can buy a carpet sweeper! A shop in town is having a sale & advertising C. Sweepers at $4.00 instead of $8.00 so we are going to look- if we get it I can then relegate my broom to secondary use!

As you will see by the enclosed cheque, Mummy, I have an awful SIN to confess. I was just looking through my wallet today & found it & was horrified! I must have had it since Christmas & never remembered to put it in the bank. I am terribly sorry Mummy. I thought I had better send it to you as I didn’t know if your a/c in Cambridge was still open & also I’m not sure how many months a cheque is valid. Cec says if it is too old to get cashed you could send it back to Mr. Kirby & he would write you another one, or see about it anyway. I do hope it’s not though, & that you don’t have a lot of bother with it.

Must dash now – I will write again this week, but probably send it by sea to St. Vincent-     Lots & lots of love, honey 



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