March 15 1950

Kitchen & Living Room

Mary Ewing, who was so kind to Carol, was from Gordon’s side of the family and lived in London. It was obviously hard on my grandmother leaving, after thirty years of her life in England, but she hadn’t seen her nephew Bill Otway and his  wife Jane since they left after the war, nor met their babies, and the last time she saw her sister Trix was on their 1939 visit to New York, so she must have been looking forward to visits in Trinidad at the end of the voyage.

Wed. 15th March.1950.

Dearest Mummy,

Cec and I keep thinking about you in the middle of the Atlantic and wondering how you are getting on & whether you are enjoying yourself. We have decided that by now you will have made friends with people, and the weather will be good & you will be beginning to think that maybe things aren’t quite so bad after all! As a matter of fact, I can just imagine you sitting having a drink before dinner with some dashing caballero, feeling no end of a dog, and smoking a cigarette with a very superior and sophisticated (??) air!! Seriously though- we do hope that you are having fun and enjoying the trip because I think you would need a good rest and change after all the upheaving of the last few months. I know how sad you would feel at leaving Miss Lefroy, and having a cold too would make you feel miserable.

At the same time that we got your last A.M. letter (Monday), I also got one from Mary Ewing, and she told me how she & Gertrude had gone to see you off. I can’t get over how sweet & kind they have been to us- they have put themselves out time after time to be so good to us, and no one could have been nicer. I am so glad that Mary & Gertrude did go, because as Mary said in her letter, it would help a bit to lighten the atmosphere. She also told me how you got my card just as you & Miss Lefroy were leaving & I was so delighted because I was afraid it would be late. I hope our cable was waiting for you on the ship too, and that you have a nice cabin and a pleasant cabin mate.

You made Cec and I quite homesick for England in your last letter, telling us all about the snowdrops & almond blossom, because we are still in the midst of snow and winter here & there’s not even a sniff of a spring flower even in the florists. We were most enchanted to hear that you had been to see the dear little bear, and we want to hear ALL about it! There are a few cute little squirrels in the trees around here, but that’s the only wildlife we have! And by the time you are answering this anyway you will be telling us all about the monkeys & parrots & the beautiful orange blossom and other exotic blooms! It is so amazing to think that when you read this you will be with Auntie Trixie, and Janie & Billo & little John & my godson. Give them all my love & don’t forget to tell me all about them. I am writing a long letter and sending it off too but I didn’t realize the 19th was so close, so I am dashing to post this & will put all the gossip in the other. Will leave room for Cec to say a word- Lots and lots of love & a big hug from Cyn.

[Cec’s handwriting] Yes Cyn was a bit weepy thinking about you leaving, or else she had indigestion. But we feel you are much closer now. 

We haven’t got our other stuff yet, but we have had word at last & should have it soon. We’ve almost forgotten what we own. Lots of love Cec

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