January 1950

Farewell Party 1950

Cec and Cyn left Cambridge in January 1950 and sailed for Canada, this time on a Canadian Pacific ship. It was the sixth time Cyn had crossed the Atlantic but January is perhaps not the best time to do it. Cec, of course, had had far more harrowing journeys in his navy days.

Best wishes from friends and relations!

In spite of Cyn’s initial queasiness, she, of course, preserved the menu of the last dinner on board.

CP’s Menu advertised their hotel chain of course.

Their plans to visit Cec’s family in the west were changed by the news of Cec’s getting a job at the University of Michigan starting in February, so they travelled from Halifax to Michigan on the train, stopping to see only family and friends who lived on their way.

It was an exciting time for both of them, at the start of a new life!

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