November 3 1949

At Home.


Dearest Mummy,

Here I am to finish off my letter with a second installment! We have had dinner & washed up & Cec is reading with Spiv on his knee, so we are very comfortable.

I had got as far as Sunday evening, so will carry on from there. On Monday morning we had breakfast & packed & got ourselves into town in a scramble to see Mr. Kirby at 11 o’clock. As a matter of fact, we were late & were so relieved when we got there & he was later still! I asked him all the questions you told me to, & you will probably have heard from him by now. He wrote out your cheque when we were there & said he would send it off straight away – he said it hadn’t been sent since the Accounts were done for the year to send to the Court. He also said that he had been signing the cheques for the Hospital & apparently they have been going regularly. In reply to your questions he said that he would go on looking after everything when you were away & with regard to the Receivership did we think we would like him to do it & would other relatives agree. I said I thought so. About paying your allowance into Martin’s I think that is O.K. but all these queries seem to have to be referred to the Court before he could give a definite answer. He said he’d see about the clothes at Mrs. Johnny’s & that you’re not to worry about his account, the court allowed him expenses etc. & he had sent his account to them. He also said that at the end of last year, there was a surplus of £80, & one reason he hadn’t sent your cheque was that he was considering applying for an increase in allowance for you & asked what you thought. I didn’t know what to say, so maybe he has written to you about it. I thought perhaps it may be a good thing to have some in hand in case of an emergency, but Cec said in that case they would probably be able to use capital. We were there nearly an hour, & old Kirby was quite nice to us, but he is a funny old man!

We looked around town a bit – I sent roses to Irene & Dottie & carnations to Winnie on 2nd Nov.- then went up to Dottie’s for lunch at 1 o’clock. There was a great family – the three boys – Marjorie, Oliver, Dottie, Mr. Laing, Cec & I – and we had a great big meal too! Pete has been in bed, but was up again & at school on Monday. Geoffrey is 5, & going to school now & is just about as tall as Peter. Oliver has had bad rheumatism & arthritis, & has been finding it troublesome for quite a few months now.

In the afternoon I went to see my Father again, and he was much more cheerful, and quite interested in us going to Ann Arbor etc. & telling about people he knew from there. I took him a pipe & tobacco, & he seemed to be pleased with them. He was quite cheerful when I left, & we had a very nice letter from him today.

Marjorie & family left Dottie’s after tea & then we got ready for our night out at Tilley’s. I wore my grey & yellow dress, & Boy! was it tight!! Joan came down with us, & Pam & Sam were there, & Nan & Dick & Irene & Bill came soon after. We had a drink in the lounge & then went into dinner & had a very nice meal- the main course was venison steaks, & they were lovely. My old friend Max saw me & remembered & played my tune, & we sent up a great list of requests which he played for us. The restaurant was very quiet, being Monday, with only 3 other tables & by the end of the evening we had them all joining in “Blaydon Races” & having a good time. Everyone said they enjoyed it & thanked us for a nice time.

Next day Dottie had to go to work (she teaches at Rutherford on Tuesday, 1/2 day Wed. & 1/2 day Fri.) so she poked her head in & said goodbye to us and so did Pete, and we had breakfast later. Then we went down town & parked our bags at the Station, & I showed Cec the Castle & the bridges & Bessie Surtees house! We had lunch at the Station Hotel & caught the 1.20 train & had a really comfortable journey down – just walked from one train to another at York & March & had tea & dinner on the trains. It was nice to get home again though!

I must stop now as it is bedtime nearly & I shall make some cocoa. (No wonder we put on weight!) About coming to see us, how about coming for the weekend after next? Cec & I, after our travels have a couple of tickets from London to Cambridge & back again, left over, so we will send you one to use- but it has to be within the month! Let me know what you told Pam, & we’d love to have you before or after you go to her – just let us know & we’ll send a ticket.

[Cec’s handwriting: Sorry to report Spiv got all dirty while we were away – he must have been sleeping in the coal. He’s a mess, but very affectionate these days. But so am I. [Cyn: Me too!]

In Mother’s last letter she let us know indirectly that the wedding photo was in the paper, so it must have arrived and she forgot she hadn’t told us. It runs in the family. 

See you soon

      Love Cec]

Lots of love 



P.S. Forgot to tell you, Amy apparently wasn’t pleased because our visit was so short! Isn’t she an old so-&-so. Wonder if she’ll write and wail at you!

They must have changed the date!

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