December 6 1947

This letter may have been written on December 6th or 13th in 1947- one of those Saturdays!

19 Warkworth St. 



Dearest Mummy,

Thank you so much for both your letters. I was awfully sorry to see in the one I got this morning though, that you were worrying and unhappy about the arrangements you have made, because I think you have done marvellously, and as for blaming you, that is just ridiculous. You say something about selling my birthright for a mess of potage, but really you haven’t done anything of the sort – my father would never have left me anything more, and he has been generous over money matters with me already, so I am more than content about my affairs – it is only you that I worry about, and not so much about financial things, because I am sure we will manage all right – but because you have had to leave your home, and begin anew as it were. However, I think that once it is all over, you will be much happier and freer, and that things will work out very nicely.

I think that you were very wise and clever when you went to Mr. Kirby to sign the deeds etc., and as for being cowardly, I think you were very brave to stand up for yourself as you did. I am certain that it is for the best all round to arrange things peaceably in this way, because even if we went to Court, & went thro’ all the rowing and trouble it would mean to get you a little allowance, we probably would have had more trouble with him about paying it regularly, & it would have gone on & on. When I wrote to you, saying to try & get an allowance & we’d go to Court if necessary, I didn’t think that there was any chance of settling the affair quietly, and your getting a share of the household goods, but as it has turned out this way, I think it is a very good thing. I think you were quite right to tell Mr. Kirby about not getting the allowance etc. & I’m sure he understands how things are, and I also think signing the paper about not claiming anything from him on condition he left you the house in his will, was a very good idea, because, goodness knows, you never would have got anything from him, and now he has to do as you say about the will (which I’m sure he wouldn’t have done otherwise,) so it is really a safeguard for you.

I think that on the whole the sharing of the furniture etc. is not bad, although of course, it’s nothing like half, but I was tickled to bits about the big bookcase & Uncle Nic’s rug! In my last letter I mentioned a bookcase & a carpet if possible, & I thought of Uncle Nic’s rug, but I never thought he’d let it go!

Uncle Nic’s Letter, about sending the carpet from India in 1926?, to Carol. A late wedding present? I don’t think the envelope it was preserved in was the original, since it was mailed in England.
A bit tattered around the edges, but still surviving in my living room in 2020!

And as for the big bookcase & the bureau – my my!! I am glad you are getting a fair share of the china & silver & glass etc. and as you say, it doesn’t matter about the other silver teapot etc. now that you have the nice one Aunt Muriel sent. By the way, I sent off the little electric iron to you today, & I put it in two big boxes (that my china was in) with masses & masses of packing, & thought they might be useful to you for packing your glass or china in. I am enclosing the latch key in this letter, & I don’t think there is anything else I have that belongs to 95.

I am so sorry that your tummy got worse, and that you are feeling so poorly on top of everything else, dear. I do hope that it is much better now, and if it isn’t, don’t you go on trying to do things, just take a rest, and get better first. There is no need for you to rush and dash about when you’re not well, and so just take things easily. I am sure that Maude will have you to stay for a little while when you are packed up, so that you can make final arrangements with the Bank etc. and one thing – don’t worry about the decisions you’ve made. I think that you have done absolutely right in everything, and I fully agree with you, and back you up in everything you’ve done. You haven’t the slightest reason to reproach yourself over anything, so don’t you go being miserable! Cheer up, & think of all the fun we’ll have when it’s all over! And take care of yourself, my sweet, & get that tummy better. I hope the weather has improved for you, because miserable cold & wet won’t do you much good.

Last night I went to the pictures to see the Technicolour film of the Royal Wedding – I thought it was nice as a film, but disappointing of the actual wedding, as you don’t see so much of it as I thought you would. Pam, Jessie & I are convinced you can see me on it!!  A minute speck of red, which is my scarf! Today, I have been Christmas shopping and golly! – the prices! I got Ruth Stainthorpe Angora gloves & Irene & Bill a little tray & Peter baby roller skates. I thought about slippers for you (warm ones), but thought I’d ask you to make sure you needed them. How’s about it?

When I got back there was a lovely parcel from Ruth Schatz waiting for me for Christmas. Of course I opened it and it has a lot of little tins & packages of food, & also a pair of nylons, & the sweetest pink earrings & brooch, made of darling little shells. That reminds me – don’t forget my sea urchins and shells!!! One other thing I thought of- not important really, but I’d like it, & that is the “Holiday” mag about London & also the old McCall’s. If you leave them at Maud’s I’d get them later. Must go now as I am playing bridge at Joan & Ray’s. Hope you are feeling much better honey, & take care of yourself.

      Lots of love from 


Closeup of Cyn’s record of 1947 Christmas presents received from overseas: so many food parcels!
The letters of the 1st, 4th, and this one were all stored in this envelope, postmarked Dec 2nd.

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