July 7 1947

Curley Street

7th July 1947.

Dearest Mummy & Daddy,

The days seem to be going so quickly that before I realize it I will be on the Queen Elizabeth & home again. I was awfully sorry to hear that you had a nasty cold, Mummy, but I do hope that it is quite better by now, and that you are feeling fine again. I was so pleased to get your letter & so was Aunt Muriel, but we were both sorry about your cold & that you had been having cold weather again. Ever since I came to Long Beach the weather has been wonderful, with continuous sunshine until last night there was very heavy rain, & this morning it was dull, but is already clearing. I am getting quite brown, but I’m not trying to get tanned as I don’t want to get sore, and one day last week the sea was so warm  that I stayed in much longer than I realized & got quite red, so since then I have been careful.

I am sleeping at Mona’s house now, but have most of my meals at Marguerite’s. I really haven’t done much at all – we have bathed in the sea about 3 times, & once in the canal, & most of our meals we eat on the porch. Last Wednesday I went into New York & met Frances Kaya, who was staying there for a few days & we had quite a nice afternoon shopping and gossiping and having tea. On Thursday evening some neighbours of Marg’s, Mr. & Mrs. Schwab, took me out a drive in the evening & to visit some friends of theirs, then Friday was Independence Day & everyone had a holiday. Margs invited Hugh Brown down for the day & he came in the afternoon & we all went to the beach & bathed. In the evening I was very keen to see fireworks so Hugh, Monie, Owen, Aunt Muriel & I drove to Jones Beach where there is usually a beautiful display, only to find that there wasn’t even the smallest sparkler! Hugh stayed at Margs’ overnight & next day drove me up to Connecticut to see Til & we had a lovely day. Unfortunately no one but Grandma was in when we arrived, but we had a nice time with her & the others came back later & we all had supper outside.

Sunday was both Aunt Ettie’s birthday & Margs and Bill’s anniversary, so there was quite a celebration. We all had dinner at Aunt Ettie’s, but didn’t let her do any work. Margs & the others gave her a dress & I gave her a pair of slippers & Margs some flowers. In the afternoon Margs & Bill had some of the neighbours in for wine & cake, then in the evening we all had supper in the garden – I thought it was quite chilly, but all the others laughed at me! Margs is very busy helping with a Church Fair which is tomorrow, & is going to be in charge of the Children’s Fish Pond, so I have been wrapping little packets for her. On Wednesday 16th I go up to Connecticut again & Lois will be there too, & on 18th we drive back to Toledo. I will stay there about 2 weeks to pack & then come back here before sailing. 

  Lots of love from 


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