November 17 1946

Christmas presents

Mummy Brown and white cotton dress. Pink slip. Pearls & earrings – lipstick & rouge.

Dad Tie-   Magazine “Holiday” for 1 year.

Nan Brown & white striped cotton dress trimmed with green. White necklace made of strands of tiny little white beads like those I made at home. I bought it & then discovered that it was threaded on the thinnest thread & it broke even when I was looking at it (5 & 10!) so I threaded it all over again.  White earrings to match of tiny white beads threaded, & put in the shape of a bow.

Dottie A chatelaine & earrings to match – pretty I thought- of silver with turquoise blue stones. The earrings are in the shape of a flower & the chatelaine is two bigger flower things, attached to each other with a chain, to wear on the lapel of a suit or on a dress like this

Also 1 tablet soap.

 Peter A toy called a “Quirrly “– it’s like a spring & does things like walking downstairs. Also two little cotton sweaters with round necks & short sleeves – one pale yellow and one pale blue.

Bar A pair of stockings (rayon)

Geraldine A set of plastic toy knives & forks.

Ruth A compact. Do you remember how thrilled she was with the lovely one Monie sent me last year? Well I tried to get her one like that, but they cost a dreadful price, so I got her this one – square, gold-coloured, with two flowers on the front. It was quite expensive, so I hope she likes it. I enclosed a cake of soap for Amy.

Peter & Christopher Allan A box of candy.

Irene An organdie apron- white with red spots – very “cute”! Also a piece of soap for Mrs. Scott.

Mary Egan A set of plastic measuring spoons – different colours – also a plastic dish for the baby.

Miss Lefroy A perfumed flower (paper) to put in her hankies.

Mrs Allan A box of toilet soap like red roses, & a coloured tea towel. 

Anne Chapman A pair of nylon stockings.

Jessie Fisher A pearl brooch – it was so pretty that I nearly sent it to you instead of her! It was shaped like a crescent with pearls and a little brilliant. 

Lillian A box of “pancake” make up that she wanted.

Pam Hapgood (she has written to me quite a bit) A pair of gold earrings (5 & 10!)

Ivy Pagecroft A “date kit”! A box of Pond’s cream, powder etc.

Jessie Hall & Zinnia – I have presents for them but I haven’t sent them as I still have had no word from Jessie since I left England. No thank you for Zinnia’s parcel – not even anything about the new baby & I don’t even know her address. I have a pair of stockings for her & a little handbag & some flower hairslides for Zinnia, but I’m not going to send them, although it’s a shame Zinnia should suffer for her mother’s shortcomings.

I just got my American presents yesterday, & this is what I got-

Aunt Muriel A white woolen cardigan. I thought she might like something warm, & white is worn over here a lot & would go with anything.

Aunt Ettie A pair of service weight silk stockings.

Mona A pair of pigskin gloves.

Margs A paisley-patterned wool square.

Mil A box of Elizabeth Arden talcum & toilet water.

Hugh & Mona A funny record of “Old Macdonald had a Farm” with all the animal noises- Mil won a “record player” when I was there in the summer.

Alan A cute little tiny drum with candy in & I’ll get him some other little toy.

Three white linen hankies for U. Artie, Bill & Ford.

Til A pair of black suede gloves & two pretty embroidered hankies

Lois A red lizard belt & two blue hankies

Ruth A white linen hankie

David & Mary L. A record like Hugh’s

Altogether I think I spent about as much on my few American presents as I did on all my English presents, but of course I knew that any little thing I sent home would be useful & a novelty, but over here, everyone seems to have everything & it’s much more difficult. Also everyone I’m giving presents to here is being very kind to me. I forgot to tell you, I got A. Phine two hankies too, but they’re cheap ones! 

    Love from 


P. S. I somehow don’t suppose any of my parcels will arrive for Christmas. I think the U.S. P.O. and the English Customs are two of the most disgusting institutions!

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