October 3 1946

4229 Berwick Ave.

Toledo 12 Ohio.

3 October 1946.

Dearest Momma,

There’s not much news to tell since Sunday, but I thought that if I kept up-to-date that I wouldn’t have to write such a big budget – the last one I had returned to me for more stamps!

I have been having such a time all week with the refrigerator at school. I was quite wary of it, because since my College days I have been most unused to such newfangled inventions, but last week when I began cooking I started putting things in it & I found it it froze everything absolutely solid hard! So over the weekend I altered the switch but when I came in on Monday, it was worse than ever and 3 bottles of milk I had in were a sight- 2 of the bottles cracked & the whole lot like rocks with pillars of frozen cream sticking out the tops! I was most horrorstricken & thought it must be me, so I went & asked Miss Bargman’s advice, & she said calmly “Oh, it used to do that often when Miss Stoll was here!” So I was very relieved & rang up Miss Sanger & I have had two men to put it right & I hope it stays that way now! We have been cooking vegetables all week – so thrilling! Potatoes in all sorts of different ways, & today lots of different vegetables, & the kids sit down at the end of the hour & eat them all up! A meal of vegetables at 1/4 to 3 in the afternoon seems revolting to me, but they love it!

When we were in New York, Dr. Smith told us of an insurance we could take out for the year we were over here, to take care of Dr’s fees or hospitals or anything in case we took ill, & I thought it was a good idea to be on the safe side. So I wrote & asked him & he sent me a form & the address to send it to & the cost. The form had to be filled in by a Dr. so I made an appointment with a Dr. Allen at the end of Berwick Ave. for Monday & trotted there after school. He was a nice man, & very impressed with all the illnesses I’d never had & said that I was in excellent physical condition. So I paid him $3 and sent the form with $15.50 to the place in New York, and now feel that I have been a very sensible young woman!

After my visit to Dr. Allen I walked along to the local “Market “– a big Grocery shop, I would call it! – and spent one of my sugar ration stamps, which I just got, for 5 lbs. sugar. I also got a box of raisins, a pkt. of Jell-O, a pkt. of gingerbread mixture & one or two little tins, and I packed them all in a parcel with a lipstick, some candy, balloons, marbles, and a pretty tea towel to Dottie for her birthday. I also packed & sent Mary Egan a pair of stockings & a little pair of earrings & a bib for Anne, for her birthday.

Irene’s towels arrived yesterday, but I was awfully disappointed. For one thing I had asked for them to be “Gift Wrapped” which I thought would be so pretty, but they weren’t done, & then the towels themselves instead of being “peach” colour, are more of an orange, but still they have will have to do as they are difficult to get, even here. And anyway, Irene will find them useful.

On Tuesday Til had to go to town for a radio programme, so I went with her, & on the way she stopped to get her driver’s license. Everyone over here gets them on 1st October so you can imagine the places were just crowded & we had to stand in great queues, but it was rather funny. We began talking to a Truck Driver who was next in line to us, & he’d been in the Army in the Pacific & had visited Australia & New Zealand & he was most amazed to hear I was English as he’d never met an English person before. His name was Jim & he asked all about where I lived & what my name us & was all set to make a date, but I acted coy! Til was most tickled & said to me afterwards that he probably made 3 or 4 times as much money as us, as truck drivers get huge wages over here – about $100 a week- and Jim owned his own truck and had a farm 15 miles from Toledo too! Maybe I should have cultivated him! He seemed nice though, & I think he must be Polish descent because he looked the type & there are lots of Poles in Toledo. He said he’d be seeing me! After all the waiting Til & I didn’t do much else except go to the Post Office & have dinner & then I came home in the tram & Til stayed & broadcast.

Yesterday, just as I was finishing in the kitchen, in ambled a strange woman, so I grinned her, & she came over & said “How about having a walk with me through Binns and Fenwick’s?” I was so amazed & then she began to laugh & explained that she came from S. Shields! She had seen my picture in the paper & lived nearby, so came over to see me. Her name is Mrs. Ferries. I promised to ring her up this week & go & see her, but so far I haven’t got around to it – I seem to be feeling lazy, but I’m getting lots of letters written!

This week I had letters from Jessie F. telling me Jessie Hall had a baby girl, & from Lillian Hampson & Pam Hapgood. I love learning all the Coleridge gossip, especially about Marie Stoll! Lillian says she’s smart, but they’re all jealous because she wears a different pair of silk stockings to work every day – poor sweets – I’d be jealous too! Pam said she’s very nice, but she seems to be a bit depressed & missing the social life & says that as she’s older none of them can do much, & anyway she can’t imagine them ever being buddies! And Jessie says that socially she’s very charming but as a D.S. partner she doesn’t like her a bit, and as she’s heard from another source that Marie has no use for her, she leaves her to Anne! Oh – & also that she is not co-operating with Howlett very successfully! Isn’t that a lot of gossip! So I have written to the Staff as a whole, & a letter to Howell & the School, all my “proper” news! I also wrote to Uncle Artie & various others so I feel quite virtuous.

I am enclosing the School Newspaper, which comes out every 2 weeks. In it you’ll find my picture & an article about me! It is an amazing publication isn’t it? It is called the “Prism” because the DeVilbiss colours are those of the Rainbow, & light through a prism gives a rainbow etc. The Year Book is called “The Pot of Gold” for the same rainbow reason. The kids have a whole staff to do this paper business & publish it & sell it & make it pay its way – American schools! I continue to be surprised at them!

I can’t think of a single other bit of news to tell you! But I think this is pretty good for 3 days events! I did my ironing for 2 weeks when I got home from school today (after my cup of tea!) and I felt fair wore out!

I hope that everything goes well with you, honey, and that you have no colds or anything & Pop is O.K. My love to Maud & Bella & Winnie at the Bee, & to Mrs. Johnny & Amy & any of the others. How is my old friend the postman? I hope he gets good news of his daughter & grandson. 

Lots and lots of love for you 



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