Fall Term 1945: Letter 4

I’m so impressed with the amazing postal system in England in 1945!  Who needed email or delivery companies when such efficient government-run communication existed?  Admittedly, the telephone system didn’t work that well- since not everyone has it in their houses it did mean that Cyn had to keep dashing out, whether in Cambridge or in London, to phone boxes, but in dire straits she fell back on a telegram.  As the previous letters of this crowded week have shown, on Friday Cynthia discovered she needed an evening dress from her home in Newcastle in the north of England and sent her mother a telegram.  On Monday it arrived, in time for the dance Tuesday!  

Warkworth House

Monday evening

Dearest Mummy,

This isn’t a proper letter – it’s a thank you. The parcel was waiting for me when I got home this evening, and I think you’re wonderful! If I’d spoken to Winnie on the phone I’d been going to ask for the shoes and bag too, but when I sent a telegram I thought I could leave those out as not being necessities- but you read my mind like a book! It was so clever of you to find them all because I’m sure I had no idea where the handbag was.

I have had quite a busy night as I’ve washed my hair, and pressed my dress & mantilla, and mended a few places in the lace which were giving away, and also tried everything on. Unfortunately I seem to be really getting colossal around my bosom, as this is tight too, but it’s not bad! Jessie was so inspired that she got out & tried on her evening dresses too & we had quite a lot of fun. I have also written to Miss Dickie to thank her for my testimonial & to a woman in Scotland to see if she’ll knit me 3 Shetland vests!

By the way our date did arrive last night- quite pleasant, but nothing thrilling! They took us out & fed us & took us to the Red Lion & gave us a drink. And WHO do you think I saw there? Uncle Joe! He didn’t see me & he’d gone (upstairs to bed I presume!) before I could catch him, so I left a note in the office saying I seen him & hoped he was well etc. But I didn’t put my address on it, because he was so disagreeable last time I saw him! 

Thank you again Mummy – it was sweet of you.

Lots of love Cyn.

P.S. I shall one day send you back a lovely big parcel of empty boxes!  I’ll read the book soon & send it back.  I’m going to bed now (10 pm) to get ready for tomorrow! Love Cyn.

Unfortunately, we never find out how the dance at the Polish Club turned out, because these are the only letters from this school year.  (Nor do we know anything about disagreeable Uncle Joe, who I assume is a Ewing, older brother of her father, who was pretty disagreeable himself.) The war is over, the men are going home, and the next letters Cynthia sends are from America, where she’s gone on a year’s teacher exchange.  I will finish off the wartime years with photos and commentary, then tackle Cyn’s next adventure!

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