April 19 1943

Indomitable service:

April to May 1943

                  Deployed with Home Fleet.

                  Carried out trials with new radar equipments

1 from http://www.naval-history.net/xGM-Chrono-04CV-HMS_Indomitable.htm accessed April 21 2020

H.M.S. Indomitable

H.M.S. Indomitable

April 19, 1943

Dear Mother, 

Here is another letter, late again. It seems three a month (altogether) is all I’m able to manage. I have received two letters from you since I last wrote, one on Les’s visit and one announcing my new nephew.

Thanks very much for the clippings. By the way, I knew Bill had got DFM* when I got his address from the Air Ministry in Feb. It is really grand, he sure deserves it, and so do most of them. Also, I don’t think I told you Dr. Orgfusson, who was killed on 25th it was the man I took my Indian arrowheads to in Varsity. He was grand chap.

I haven’t heard from Les yet. I hope you enjoyed his visit. He may have told you some things which had occurred, but he would have no idea (he may now) of the variety of life on board. It is extremely interesting, and I’ll come out of it as well qualified to be a steeplejack or father confessor as a physicist. I forgotten how to spell it.

Glad to hear Merle is getting on so well. I’d certainly like to be back to see John & Lorne. John is just at a cute age.** By the time I get back he will be getting “ornery”. 

My congratulations to Jack Longstaff. This ROP business seems to have considerable attraction. I’ll have to watch my step – but I’m not worried.

I don’t get this business of my keeping secrets. Explain please. 

I didn’t get or else dropped your clipping on Bob Bibby. What is he doing over here? 

Joan is really getting up isn’t she? if she does take a commission it will be from private to officer in a little over a year. I think she will make a good “sarge”.

It is after midnight now so this is my “first anniversary”. The time has sure flown. This year has been much better than I even hoped, and the next should be equally as good. You know, I get Foreign service leave after two yrs (over here) so until July 1944.



P.S. Send graduation paper

*DFM – Distinguished Flying Medal

** My cousin John. He’s still pretty adorable.

John Moor. Summer of 1942.

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