Friendly Faces

Although I do not know all of the people in the pictures here, Cynthia kept them with her wartime memorabilia, so they obviously meant something to her.

French Friends? 1940
Back of photo above.
Unknown faces

Cynthia’s friend from school, Jessie Muir, was the ‘officer’s wife’ Bobby apologized to in his last letter. Here, on a sunny day in August, are Cyn and Jessie with her daughter Zinnia.

Cynthia and Zinnia, August 1942.
Jessie and Zinnia
Dr and Mrs Ewing
Polish Officer?
Back of above photo.

Back of photo above
Cynthia and Hugh Brown
Back of above photo.

Now, there’ll be a brief interlude with the focus off Cynthia: the posts will be moving to a Canadian mother of five, getting letters from her son on active service in the British Navy.

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