August 18 1939

Friday 18th August.

Up betimes. Had breakfast & finished packing. Got the car & off to King’s Cross- Miss Lefroy seeing us off. Sad to go – & a miserable old station.

Here I am finishing my diary in the train – as I started it a month ago. In that time I’ve sailed in two great ships – I’ve met people of all nationalities – I’ve seen New York and Niagara – I’ve met unknown relations and made countless friends – I’ve been made love to by a few and loved one – I’ve had nearly every experience I could wish – I’ve seen America. 

Cynthia, Jack (Wilkie), and Nora

I regret not one moment – looking back on it all it seems of priceless possession- something I have & hold. I may go again – I may do all these things again – I may love someone as much again – but somehow it won’t be the same. I’m young – I love life & this has been my first glimpse of it – my “first fine careless rapture”. Whatever happens it’s been worthwhile – a glorious lifetime in one month.

Thank you America.

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