August 11 1939

Menu Cover

Friday 11th August.

Up with an effort & down to breakfast. Nora down too, & Egypt, with whom we are still on quite amiable terms. Wilkie not down. Nora and I decided it was a nice day & so went & changed into shorts then out on deck, but nothing much happening. Very spray-ish in our chairs. Nora’s cabin companion very sweet & complimenting me on how charming I looked last night – all overcome!

Down to the ping-pong room. Found Maurice there & he persuaded me to play – great fun- found I was still quite reasonable. Maurice very good. Nora doesn’t play. Played quite a bit – singles & doubles-with Maurice, Ritz, a Dutch boy & a Lancashire girl Beatrice. There was a ping pong tournament, but I was too late to join. The steward is going to fix it if anyone drops out though.

Big American man that I taught the Lambeth Walk to last night came & asked me if I knew Mr. Wilkinson so I promised to show them each other although Wilkie hadn’t yet appeared.

In to lunch & after a while Wilkie arrived. Very solemn- Mummy said he was in a bad temper. After lunch I went & told him about the big man who is going to play him in the ping-pong. Instead of being grumpy he was merely sleepy having slept until quarter to one- the big laziness!

Up and played ping-pong afterwards with Wilkie & Maurice. Mummy thought she would like to see Cabin Class and Tourist, so she asked Egypt to take her – with Nora & me as chaperones! He was very pleased & acted guide most efficiently. On your left the something & on your right the something else! Found Henry & traipsed all over, saw the swimming pool & cabins & all. Up on deck & William took our photos holding the Queen Mary life belt – very funny. Then Nora & Mummy had tea on deck- no more appeared, so Henry & William took me into the covered deck space & we had it together. Henry gazing at me intently and paying me compliments – especially about my eyes. Dear Henry! He must be nice!

Back to Mummy & Nora & then all back home. To the ping-pong room & found Wilkie there. Played with him & talked about American experiences. Also, a Scottish Doctor from Glasgow & Bob, a young man from London.

Bob, Nora & Wilkie

Ping pong eventually finished so Wilkie off to swim. Nora, Bob, the Doc. and I went upstairs & chattered. They then went into early dinner & Nora & I got dressed.

To dinner & felt quite crazy. Upstairs afterwards to dance. Mum to the pictures. Nora & I with Wilkie, Maurice & Ritz. I was quite crazy- much to everyone’s amusement! Refused Egypt’s invitation to go 1st class! Wilkie’s hat fascinated me – bright green cloth – very squashable! Danced then Horse Racing started, so we just sat & were fun to ourselves. Bob arrived looking very lonely, so we asked him to join us & we all drank Tom Collins. After a while dance music came on again & we danced & then Jimmy played the piano & we danced more. The Doc. joined us, also very full of amusement – altogether great fun and games. A Bulgarian sang some marvellous French songs & Jimmy played until he nearly died! At last to bed, Wilkie escorting me tenderly.

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