Snaps and Certificates


Snaps from summer with friends.

Bobby, Cynthia, & Dennis. A bit older?

Carol maintained her friendship with her former headmistress and teacher.  The Ewings had a dog and obviously Miss Lefroy and Miss Hull did too!

Miss Lefroy and Carol Ewing

Of course it was not always summer.  In chillier times, the Ewings wore furs. 

Cynthia & Carol
Street scene: Carol & friend.

And hats!

Street Scene: Cynthia and friends.

Sometime in the 30s, Carol’s mother, Marion Hazell, whose draft will has already been posted, died in St Vincent, and her sister sent her photos of the gravesite.  Two crosses now, for both her parents.

On the back: Carol. Our dear Mother’s resting place the day she was laid to rest.
On the back: A Harp, it does not show up very well, Rev. Thrower sent it from the Sunday School Teachers and pupils.
Hazell monuments

And certificates! School, College, and Career.

1932 School Certificate
1936 College Certificate
1936 Probationary teaching certificate.
1938 Final teaching certificate.

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