The 1930s

Cynthia and Bobby

There are no more letters from Cynthia’s time at school, although I include a few photographs from her years there. 

 I assume she was confirmed the following year, 1930, as would have been expected in the church school, and I still have her little prayer book. 

 I think she had a happy time there, and got a good education.  I presume she got the School Certificate she was already worrying about in her first term, but I have no documentation.

The tennis frocks? Cynthia in the middle, Jessie behind her.

My father always maintained that Ronald Searle’s model for ‘Hell, my best Scotch’ was Jessie…

Hell, my best Scotch!

 I have no information about her father’s patients, Ernest and little Dorothy, nor about her school friends such as Sylvia.  Her Newcastle friends, Dennis and Bobby and Nancy, remained close, but for school, only Jessie Muir features in my memory!

Bobby, Cynthia, Nancy, Dennis

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