July 14 1929 End of Term

I’ve been doing some sweet silhouettes I’ll bring them home for you to see. We haven’t got drawing results yet.


Darlingest Daddy and Mummy,

Thanks awfully for the parcel. I’ve got some questions to ask you. Daddy, when you write to ask Mrs. P about forwarding my trunk will you send money for my train fare and everything, that’s what all the other girl’s fathers do.  Also, next week shall I get all my remaining money, 7/7 1/2, out of the bank so as to be able to get things for the train?

Daddy darling, do you know you’re a bad wee boy? You haven’t written a letter to your own girlie for a whole week! But perhaps you’ve been very busy so she’ll forgive you if you write a nice long one to her soon!

Would you like to know my exam results? I’ve got them all except my Geometry & Science

Algebra 2nd 75% H.

Arithmetic 2nd 57% P.

English 1st 66% P.

French 3rd 52% P.

History 7th 57% P. 

Latin 6th 50% P. 

Geography 1st 70% P. 

Scripture 8th 40% P.

39% is fail so I haven’t failed in anything yet, 75% is honours.

On Mon. we are going to a rehearsal of the Tattoo in the afternoon, the real Tattoo is at night but we go to the Rehearsal which is just the same only earlier and not half as expensive. On Tues. we are having the B.G. against College match, also on Tues. morning are the swimming sports, I’m not in for any because I can’t swim the length yet. We went to the baths yesterday morning, it was lovely, and glorious weather, also today.

On Wed: it was fun, it began to pour as soon as all the people came & then they stood about under trees & in sheds until Mrs. P arranged with Miss E to have tea at B.G. (isn’t that a screaming rhyme) instead of outside, so all the people came into the Comon Room & Dining Room & Hall, and all the boarders had to hand tea & stuff round, I wandered round with a plate of cakes & one of sandwiches until I came to a man who hadn’t anything so I gave him a sandwich & he began playing with my one & only curl! and asked me what my house ribbon & girdle were for, I explained then dashed away to somebody else. every time I saw that blessed man he stopped me & patted my head or pulled my hair or something! I was told afterwards he was a bit conked, I quite beleived it! Miss E. introduced me to a new girl that’s coming next term & the lady, Mrs. Binks who was to have given out the prizes, it was lovely.

On Thurs. it was a lovely day, and I ran in the House Corkscrew & Flag Races. We didn’t win either but we won the Cup for the most number of points. The prizes will be given out one day this week I expect.

(Diagrams of the races and the old gent. See letter above.)

I feel so excited I don’t know what to do! I’m sure I had heaps to tell you & I promised a great long letter but I have nothing to say. We are going to hear a person lecturing this afternoon on St Bridget instead of the Minster.

I do think Uncle Nic is bad not to invite us to come a visit him & pay our fares & everything. I made a lovely dream up last night about what we’d do!

Yesterday I went with Pally to visit the horses in the field and we took them some little green apples. Pally gave hers to one first then I had mine out, but instead of eating the apple it ate my fingers and so I dropped it, and Pally had to give them mine. I’ve written to ask May if she’ll come for me next Sunday as it’s my last Sunday & I have that book to give back to her. I hope she will.

You know Daddy, how I came so low in Scripture was that we had English Prayer Book as well asking about Collects and things that I didn’t know, also we did the prophets Isaiah, Jeremiah, Amos and Ezekiel and I didn’t know much about them, Only I wasn’t bottom.

The other night Miss John heard a nightingale here and one night when I was awake late I saw a baby owl outside, a wee white one, and I’ve seen a bat too, it’s the first bat I can remember seeing. Didn’t I tell you about the sweet wee brooch Ernest sent me? I meant to and I wrote and thanked him for it; it is lovely.

How is the garden getting on at home? We have some lovely roses & sweet peas here also poppies, marigolds and nasturtiums. The raspberries are just coming out, yum, yum and also the apples are getting big, there are heaps of apple trees, also pears, cherries, strawberries and a little grape vine, black & red currants, gooseberries and other things, we have peas carrots and even asparagus. Funny things.

Thanks tremendously for the things, Darlings I must stop now, tons & tons of love & kisses from your own girlie 


P.S. Only 12 more days. Guggy.

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