York, May 1 1929

Cynthia is now at school, a bit homesick and having trouble fitting in since she’s changed schools in the middle of the year. She refers to Miss Hiley, who was her former headmistress in Newcastle, and says she’ll write to her- you will see her reply to this letter when I post May 11th’s letter. Mrs Palmer, either her present headmistress or the head of the boarding part of the school, gives the girls treats by taking them to a silent film on the weekend!

May 1, 1929

Darlingest of Daddies and Dearest of Mummies,

It does seem so strange to be writing to you, I feel lonely and sad and homesick in the morning but it wears off during the day, I never, never, knew how much I loved you dearest until I came here so that is one thing I learnt!

I have just had a letter from Nancy by this evening post and I had letters from Dot and Marjorie before, I wrote to them on Sunday.

I got the blue coat a few days ago, Mummy and the snowfire, I don’t mind in the least if you and Daddy read or fill in my diary, it hasn’t anything silly in.

We all went to church in the rain on Sunday, it was horrid, to St Olive’s in the morning and the Minster in the afternoon. I didn’t wear my best shoes or panama hat as it was so wet but my black hat and school shoes. I have been thinking Daddy, if ever York Minster’s afternoon service is broadcasted you will be able to listen in and know I am listening too, won’t that be nice.

I do wish I had seen Mr. Collins, I think he might take the job in N/C because I’ll never see him if I don’t and I do want to see him again.

Mrs. Mummy Ewing, if you end again saying a long letter will bother me I do’nt know what I’ll do to you, a long letter is what I want and please send a great fat one.

Daddy, dearie I shall write to Miss Hiley on Sunday and thank you for your letter, you most likely have seen that I wasn’t feeling happy last Sunday but I’m all right now.

Shall I tell you now about myself? Well, at school there are 11 in our form Me, Jessie, two Phyllises, Millicent, Dot, Kitty, Sybil, Barbara, Joan and Hilda. Jessie and I and Phyllis are boarders, the other Phyllis and Barbara are very kind to me, some of them talk rather Yorkshire and it is very funny. I had gym this afternoon and was put in the senior class, it was horrid, I couldn’t do any of the things, I going to be in the middle next week. I seem to be a shining light at French, but I’ve done it all before. In maths I’m ahead too. For algebra homework we had three sums I got them all right and got honours. Not an excellent though, if you get 2 exc. you have to sign the honours book.  For history we are just doing early Britons so I’m lots past. For needlework at B.G. the girls are making tennis frocks I did embroidery last week but Miss John is getting me cloth. We had to bring soap with us only a girl lent me a piece and I’ll get some on Saturday. Mrs. Palmer is going to take us to see the film “The Triumph of the Scarlet Pimpernel” on Sat. it will be lovely. She has given me a cheque book to draw money out of the bank each week, a real cheque book for me!

There are 7 girls at Burton Grange 1weekly border Marsha Murray and then Mary Gilberton who is head girl of the boarding house and nice, Gertrude Williams a senior nice too, Eleanor somebody who is kind and gave me some of her own jam at tea and yesterday a piece of her cake, Phyllis Piercy who is kind too and gave me cake and kissed me goodnight one night and Jessie Muir who is very kind and kissed me last night, it makes me feel happy to be liked!

Mary’s nickname is Gilbie, Gertrudes Tishi, as she’s very tall, Eleanor’s ‘It’ and Phyllis’ Phyll or Pip.

I have played lots of tennis since I came, nearly every fine day. I use Daddy’s pretty pencil every day at school and Mummy’s box of things, are use Mrs. Allan’s pencil for my diary at night.

I must stop now as Phyllis has just nearly had a fit at all my pages, you please write some letters as long to me I love getting letter, Dearest of Daddies and Mummies I am trying in every way to please you and do what you told me, I am ever your lovingest of little daughter your own Cynthia

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