Cynthia in the 20s

This is a collection of photos of her daughter that Carol saved, showing her as she grew older in the 1920s in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

First year in England

These next ones Cyn remembered going to the photographer’s to have taken, even though she was only 5, because she had to take off her clothes and clutch these cold damp flowers to her chest…

Carol must have given these to Cec at some point, because the caption on the back reads:

Then come some snaps in the garden in summertime when she’s a year or two older.

Carol, Cynthia, and her friend Nancy
Nancy and Cynthia

And another letter to Santa, written a bit later, and dated 1925.

Finally, a more posed picture of an older Cynthia, the author of the letters:

Also the author of the stories!

Cynthia Costain

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